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Artemis Solutions Group designs, installs and services information and communication networks and develops websites and custom software applications. Founded in 1997 and based in East Lansing, Artemis is staffed by highly skilled consultants, engineers and technicians with specialists in telecommunications, computer networks, hardware, software, computer security and e-business solutions.

According to president of the company, John Gilkey, “We started out with custom software development and business process automation, essentially helping businesses perform their various functions faster and more effectively and efficiently. For us, part of that process includes learning all about the business we are serving, their challenges, complications and goals, so that we can best help them achieve their objectives. Artemis writes, tests, trains and deploys software solutions. Our relationship with our customers extends beyond the initial project; we work with them to fine-tune and update their technology. Over the years, our services have continued to expand, and we now deliver solutions through three major divisions.”

These divisions include:

  • Telecommunications solutions
    • State-of-the-art telephone systems
    • Voice-over IP and network integration
    • Fiber, cable and wireless solutions
    • Comprehensive usage and expense analysis
    • Local service, long distance, Internet access and WAN circuits
    • Call center consultation, management tools and training
  • Computer network solutions
    • Wide-area network design, implementation and management
    • On-site support and off-site network management
    • Collaboration and e-mail services
    • Mobile and remote network access solutions
    • Network security and disaster recovery
    • IT outsourcing
  • eBusiness solutions: website and software development
    • e-business websites and intranet systems
    • Customer portals
    • Web design
    • Custom software development
    • Business intelligence: analysis and reporting tools
    • Application integration
    • Workflow and productivity analysis

Gilkey and his 35 employees work with a myriad of customers, all the way from small businesses to financial institutions, insurance companies and organizations in the life sciences. Clients include Beaner’s, LEPFA (Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority), Orchid GeneScreen, a DNA testing facility based in Okemos and PensionTrend, a retirement and financial planning company. Case studies and Web design projects are featured on the Artemis website.

In 2005, Artemis entered into a joint marketing agreement with NuWave Technology Partners, based in Kalamazoo. The two companies joined forces to provide voice-over IP and digital communication solutions to small and midsize businesses throughout lower Michigan. According to Gilkey, the technology of telephone systems is evolving rapidly, and the partnership between Artemis and NuWave brings a new dimension to the services both can offer.

Gilkey credits Bunmi Akinyemiju, Artemis vice president, with playing a large role in the company’s success. Gilkey added, “And my wife Heather has given me the support and understanding so necessary as I’ve worked on the growth and development of Artemis.”

This year, Artemis received the Friend to Youth Award from the Boys & Girls Club of Lansing. Besides donating free technical support service, Akinyemiju has been part of a mentoring group focusing on career possibilities and visioning for the future.

Gilkey concluded by asking, “Did I say enough about my fantastic colleagues? I work with an amazingly talented group of men and women!”

Author: Jane Whittington
Photography: Roger Boettcher

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