Destination: East Lansing

Developments keep city on the rise   Michigan State University sophomore Karina Jones thinks the city where she goes to school finally feels like a college town. “I love the new look, like the height of East Lansing and downtown East Lansing,” she said, “I think that it changes it and kind of modernizes it.” […]

Refocusing the Image of HR

An office – or any business for that matter – is a bit like a microcosm of society as a whole. It’s a place where people of different backgrounds, attitudes and beliefs work side by side, and it functions best when it is operating in harmony and a basic set of behavioral expectations and guidelines […]

Human Resources, Recruiting and Retention – How Technology Fits in

Companies have been adopting technical assists in human resources for a while, but not all of us have access to the bigger picture that demonstrates technology’s benefits inside and outside company walls – including its surprising advantages for employees and job candidates.  Automated phone interviews are one example of how automation helps human resources. While […]

Lansing’s Talent Shortage Weighs Deeply on HR Professionals

Finding workers with the right skills who fit well into a company has always been a challenge for businesses. But the skilled-workers shortage is becoming more and more prominent in Michigan, specifically the Lansing region, and human resource professionals are working overtime to attract and retain talent. The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, like many […]

Cannabis Industry Banking on SAFE Legislation

Bill proposes allowing banks, credit unions to do business with cannabis shops   Michigan’s medical marijuana industry has been up and running for a decade. In January, adult recreational use will expand the scope of cannabis retail sales. Just as medical marijuana entrepreneurs have been forced to run primarily a cash-only business, the same will […]

The Circle Game: The Ups and Downs of HyperConnectivity

Mobile computing is one of the most influential phenomena to hit the average consumer. It increased the efficiency of workflow across almost every profession, drastically affected how information is spread and permanently changed how society interacts with one another. Smartphones and all of their miraculous features also are a perfect way to waste spare seconds […]

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