Succession Planning Essential for Any Business

Every business owner knows that, eventually, they’ll have to take a step back from running their company. Whether that means selling, training a replacement or staying on in a consultant role, business owners need to be prepared for that day. Having a succession plan in place is necessary for any business, no matter the industry […]

Behind the Scenes: Jerry Carpenter

Liskey’s Automotive has been around since 1960; what comes with being in the same community for over 57 years?  My dad bought the business in 1972 … and came back here and worked for George Liskey, for quite a few years. That’s where the name came from – the original owner, George Liskey. I kind […]

Lansing 5:01 Help interns, young professionals find work-life balance

Imagine you are a college student ready to start your business career in some type of internship. In this exciting phase of your life, where do you turn for advice and assistance? According to Founder and Executive Director Chris Sell, that place is Lansing 5:01, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to attract talented young […]

If There’s Trouble Brewing, It’s Best To Know The Law

Holidays mean party time, but do you really know what constitutes a drink? Many revelers do not. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the amount of liquid in your container or vessel of choice – glass, can or bottle – does not necessarily match up to how much alcohol is actually […]


While price control and price ceilings interfere with the functioning of the market and are often ineffective — as was the case during the Nixon administration — the government does, at times, attempt to make the markets function more effectively: namely, improve the workings of markets. Such cases are known as externalities. Positive externalities, or […]

10 over the next ten Meet Greater Lansing’s future leaders

Every year, the Lansing Chamber of Commerce (LRCC) recognizes some of the Lansing region’s top young professionals who are expected to contribute significantly to our community over the next ten years. Recognized by the LRCC and Grand River Connection each year, 10 unique recipients receive a place on the coveted 10 Over the Next Ten […]

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