Cyber schools A blend of online and traditional classes

Technology is changing the way students learn, but high-tech education professionals say they’re not planning to replace traditional classrooms anytime soon. Parents, teachers and school staff members know how often students use technology for learning in evolving ways, like using their personal tablets for research or a school-owned desktop computer to write a report. However, […]

Behind the Scenes: Michele Strasz

Executive Director of Capital Area College Access Network Can you start with a quick overview of the Capital Area College Access Network? The Capital Area College Access Network’s (CapCAN) mission is to increase the college attainment rate of students, particularly those who are low-income, first-generation and students of color from the capital area. This is […]

Vibrant Downtowns A must-have for any thriving city

An interview with Bob Trezise, president and CEO of LEAP What really makes a downtown area, downtown? According to most official definitions, a “downtown area” is defined as a central or core business and commercial area of a city or town. This is the area that is often the “heart” of a city, pumping with […]

Demand & Supply

In my previous column, I discussed the importance of supply – or sellers – side of a competitive market. This month, I’ll continue the discussion by highlighting the other side of the equation – demand – and its effects on supply. Equilibrium We next combine the supply and demand columns by pulling together Table 1 […]

Creating a Strong Community of Learners

At first glance, Michigan’s largest teachers’ union and the business community may seem like an odd pairing. But according to union officials, each wants the same thing for the Great Lakes State: whip-smart students who grow into a well-educated workforce. “By and large, the business community is supportive of strong public schools because they know […]

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