Changing Technology Changes bring challenges for Lansing businesses

Changes in technology have brought many inventions into the world of business since the Michigan State Capitol was relocated to the city of Lansing in 1847. Milestone inventions that have aided the business world were not far behind or ahead of this decision: the typewriter in 1847, the telephone in 1876, the electric light bulb […]

Green Energy in Michigan

Back in February, Greater Lansing Business Monthly featured a piece announcing East Lansing’s first solar panel project at Burcham Park. Over the last few months since that initial word was published, the sustainable energy climate has continued to heat up on a local level. Michigan Energy Options (MEO), which has been in business since 1978, […]

Behind the Scenes: Dennis Swan

President & CEO of Sparrow Health System in Lansing, Michigan Sparrow is the region’s largest health system, and its diverse range of facilities offer residents some of the world’s most advanced medical technology available. What pride comes with serving our community? Sparrow was founded on March 18, 1896, by 114 women — all volunteers. We […]

Visual Breakdown: Information Technology

Each month the GLBM team takes a trending news topic and breaks it down visually. This breakdown helps to better explain the content and gives insight into the intricacies and details of news that affects our community. This month’s topic: Education Today.

Market Power

With more sophisticated analytical tools, it can be shown that perfectly competitive markets yield the most efficient system of resource allocation in the economy. Firms under this system possess no market power and must adjust their prices and production quantities to conditions prevailing in the market. On the other hand, oligopolies (a few-firm per industries) […]

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