Feast, Famine & Franchises

When the word ‘entrepreneur’ is spoken, many often think of new ideas, innovation and contrast ways of thinking in the business world. While new inventions can be a form of entrepreneurism, so too can the idea of using an already recognized business model and proven brand. Franchises are an important aspect of many businesses as […]

Visual Breakdown: Entrepreneurship

Each month the GLBM team takes a trending news topic and breaks it down visually. This breakdown helps to better explain the content and gives insight into the intricacies and details of news that affects our community. This month’s topic: Entrepreneurship.  

Behind the Scenes

Lauren Aitch Lady Aitch Design clothing founder Lauren Aitch, 30, established the foundation that bears her name and developed the Lady Aitch Design clothing label and others, all based in Lansing’s fashion incubator: The Runway. Aitch’s foundation supports cancer research at Michigan State University (MSU). Her clothing lines blend designer fashion with specialty garments – […]

Ideas & Innovation Matter

Entrepreneurs have always been a driving force for economic growth. More recently, they have played an increasingly important role in Michigan’s comeback as well as diversifying local economies statewide.  In a recent report from the Michigan Venture Capital Association, there has been a 48 percent increase in funding to Michigan start-ups. 74 Michigan companies have […]

Lansing Home Sales Rise with Trendy Commercial Sectors

Lansing’s residential real estate market is continuing to improve with gains in the city and surrounding counties, supported by strong commercial growth in hot areas like Old Town. Fourth quarter comparisons by Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood (CBHB) reflect strengthening home prices, shrinking inventory and quicker sales. Year-over-year comparisons are similarly buoyant. “We are a very […]

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