Schor Enough: Lansing’s Time is Now

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor moves forward with the agenda he campaigned on: an agenda that brings everyone in Michigan’s capital forward, together. It’s hard to miss the bustling David Hollister City Hall in downtown Lansing, but venture into the building far enough and you’ll find a refreshing nest of political movement. As the elevator opens […]

Risky Business: Without Insurance, Everything’s Up for Grabs

Successful business owners large and small – local, regional, national and international – know disaster can strike at a moment’s notice to place your livelihood in peril. Consequently, it is customary for companies to carry the proper types and levels of insurance and coverage to mitigate unforeseen risks. No matter how tempting it might be […]

Insurance Helps Keep Lansing Businesses, Employees Covered

If you own a business in Lansing, then you need to know the importance of having the proper types and coverage amounts of insurance that will cover your employees, staff and physical properties in case of an accident, health issue, etc.  If you thought your business’ interests could be taken care of with only a […]

From Page to Screen Libraries embrace technology to welcome readers

Libraries have reacted to the explosion of knowledge available to their users by welcoming it — and making sure people are able to put it to use. A library is the place to find a Stephen King novel or a politician’s autobiography, but it’s also a multifaceted resource. Non-fiction books offer information and history. There […]

Corporate Responsibility

All throughout Michigan and especially in Greater Lansing, you can see the sense of community created by the people within it, from simple acts of kindness to providing support during the toughest economic or socially-charged times. This is especially true through gift-giving to causes that help those who need it most. That need for community […]

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