(PRIDE) In the Name of Lansing

Lifelong Lansing resident and Juneteenth Celebration chairperson brings history to new generations In searching for someone who embodies the spirit of Lansing, one would have to look no further than Marilyn Plummer. A lifelong resident and community outreach coordinator for Mayor Andy Schor’s office, she has played a major role in the education and celebration of […]

Destination: Lansing

As spring leads to summer, we celebrate these landmarks of the Lansing experience As another Michigan summer approaches, many are excited to spend time outdoors or plan vacations. While there might be some wanderlust to shake off those winter months, mid-Michigan residents have a wealth of activity right in their very own backyard. From the […]

A Glimpse Through the Eyes of the Architects

Local Developers Share How They Envision the Future of Lansing When it comes to the Lansing area, some things remain constant. The Michigan Capitol and Michigan State University, built and established in the mid- to late 19th century, have served as iconic pillars connected by a thoroughfare. Over the years, this corridor and its surrounding […]

Cyber Insurance

Companies large and small are getting financial protection from breaches by hackers Despite our best hopes and intentions, it’s an inevitability in life that bad things can and will happen. We buy insurance for our vehicles, homes, health care and even our lives, all to protect against the potential financial hardships that could come from […]

2018-19 Newsmakers

Rosemarie Aquilina Ingham County Circuit Court judge What is your biggest takeaway from your experiences in 2018? It only takes one voice to create change, and there’s an incredible power in listening and believing. How does it feel to be recognized by Glamour magazine and the survivors during the ESPYs? I’m beyond humbled to be […]

Into the fold

Addition of Shiawassee to Lansing region brings beneficial opportunities Talk about expansion: In September, the federal government issued a decision that caused the Lansing region to grow by 70,000 people. On Sept. 14, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget announced the addition of Shiawassee County to the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of the tri-county […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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