Curvaceous Lingerie: Making every body feel beautiful

Lauren Palmer is sending a strong message to women in the Lansing area to love the skin they are in. Taking female empowerment into her own hands, Palmer opened up Curvaceous Lingerie in Old Town Lansing and has been improving self-esteem and women’s fashion ever since. Her business has grown tremendously since its start and […]

Creative Strategies Can Advance a Startup

In a startup, using creative human capital strategies can enable work to be done, even when resources are scarce. By Reuben Levinsohn and Angie Pope Supporting point/Tip 1: Deconstruct the work that needs to be done First determine the critical, few work items that need to be done from the broadest perspective. For example, we […]

The ABCs of the Five Cs

You’ve got loads of ambition, endless ideas and at least one nice suit. What else do you need to receive a business loan? For starters: character, capacity, conditions, collateral and capital (aka “The Five Cs of Credit”). Although “C” might sound like an average grade, you can significantly improve your odds of winning your banker’s […]

A Night to Celebrate Entrepreneurs

On March 7 community members, business leaders and supporters gathered for the 2019 Entrepreneurial Awards to celebrate local entrepreneurs in the Greater Lansing area. Greater Lansing Business Monthly welcomed guests with a networking cocktail hour followed by dinner in the Grand Garden room of Eagle Eye Golf Club. Attendees laughed and socialized while enjoying one […]

DTN ADDS Value to the Lansing Community

When DTN Management was named Business of the Year at the 2016 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards, Co-Founder Tom Kuschinski was more than pleased to receive the award. “It’s very exciting to be honored in that way,” said Kuschinski. “We have very strong ties to the Lansing area, because by far, everything we’ve done has been in […]

Pat Gillespie Brings Growth and Innovation to Lansing

It would ring of hype if it weren’t true. The Gillespie Group is changing the face of Lansing and has been since 1994.Led by founder and President Pat Gillespie, the company is populating the city with eye-catching, bold apartment buildings. Its commercial developments stress design and function, downtown and out-town. They mirror a city that […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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