How to recognize, treat burnout among your team

Have you ever noticed that the employee who is helping you pick out a style of blinds for your windows might not have his or her full heart into the job? Maybe you noticed the person scanning and bagging your groceries is a bit quiet, not chatting you up and asking if you have coupons, […]

The Next Big Things are All the Old Things

We are entering a time of amazing data processing capabilities. It seems there is no data volume too large or no analytical process too complex to be handled by today’s technology. Yet most organizations continue to struggle with the basic aspects of data management. Despite all the fantastic technology and the even more fantastical hype […]

Preparing your workforce for an emergency

Does each of your employees know his or her role in an emergency? Do you know yours? By definition, an emergency is an unexpected event that requires an immediate response; however, just because you don’t see it coming doesn’t mean you should shirk the responsibility of getting your staff fully trained to react and having […]

SBDC Day celebrates centers of business assistance

They support the small-business populace and encourage sustained economic vitality. Now they get to celebrate their accomplishments over the past year. The third annual SBDC Day is set for March 20. SBDC Day is a national, collective proclamation of the success and impact Small Business Development Centers have across the nation in economic development and the […]

New website keeps people informed on auto insurance reform efforts

The chair of the House Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates unveiled a new website to keep people informed about the panel’s progress in reforming Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance. The site,, also gives Michigan drivers a chance to tell their stories about the effect costly car insurance has had on their lives. Such […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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