Service Entrepreneur: Nash Finds Satisfaction in Helping Others

“It’s so rewarding helping people and changing how they feel about themselves in such a drastic way, making them feel more self-confident, and seeing the smiles on people’s faces or the tears in their eyes,” stated Nash, president and owner of Another Look Hair Institute.

Another Look provides hair restoration and replacement for those with medical or cosmetic hair loss. It does not involve surgery, glues or chemicals. With Cyberhair, Nash is able to tie artificial hair to real hair, adding about 900 strands and increasing the volume by 400 percent. It can even be styled, colored, permed and cut after the fact.

Nash comes from a line of entrepreneurs in the hair business. Her grandfather opened a barber shop in the early 1950s. Her father bought the business in 1969, and kept it as a barber shop until a client asked for help with hair loss. In 1990, Nash took her first summer job with her father. After finishing school, she returned to expand the client base from 500 to 1,200 by adding women to the mix. Her father then sold her the company in January 2005 and retired.

“When my grandfather started his business, he believed the most important thing was taking care of people the right way,” said Nash. “That’s how I was brought up. Our family believes that when you take care of somebody, it all comes back to you.”

She saw entrepreneurialism as an opportunity to do that on her own terms.

“I wanted to be able to help people in the way that I wanted to help them, rather than being forced to do things for financial reasons,” she stated. “My goal is to create the image and atmosphere for anyone suffering from any type of damaged hair, hair loss or thinning hair that this is what they need. I want the options of hair replacement to be common household names. Everyone can get help, whether it’s a burn victim or someone who’s been in an accident, or if somebody has alopecia or cancer. Helping people with these problems, and to not feel like they’re different, is our biggest goal.”

But by not focusing on profit, Nash noted that sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is adequate financial reward.

“But I think if you take care of the people, the money will come,” she stated. “The struggle is keeping to your plan. If you believe in it, you have to commit yourself to it and stick with it. You’ve got to keep to what you want to do.”

In addition to being involved with the American Cancer Society and founding the local Alopecia Support Group, Nash participates in Children with Hair Loss, a nonprofit organization where children can receive free services until they are 21. She also founded the local wig bank.

“Our wig bank is a service that we help the community provide,” she explained. “People donate wigs to us. If someone has had cancer and now they’re in remission, they can donate their wig. We refurbish it, color it, clean it up and make it look new again. Then we donate it to someone who can’t afford one or needs it in a hurry.”

For the future, Nash would like to continue expanding the client base and to eventually move to a larger facility.

As for comparing her recent win with the satisfaction of helping others, Nash stated, “The award just makes me want to work harder to touch people.”

Author: Christine Caswell
Photography: Roger Boettcher

Another Look Hair Institute

Laurie Nash, President/Owner

1020 E. Saginaw St., Lansing



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