Part of the Family

“I’ve been surprised by how all-consuming this business is—we’re on call 24/7 and every day is filled with work both in and out of the office. We have four pet-care specialists who work part-time, depending on how busy we are and two part time office assistants. Our office is open from 10 to 3, Monday through Friday; but, of course, the time we spend with animals means we work nights, weekends, holidays—whatever is needed.”

Pet Nanny’s “clients” are most often dogs and cats, but French says, “We have taken care of birds, rabbits, horses and even a giant iguana. I was a little apprehensive about the iguana, but he was so sweet!” (Obviously, this is a woman who loves her work.)

She continues, “Besides taking care of the animals, we will also bring in the mail and newspapers, water plants, check appliances and dehumidifiers, take out the trash and assure that the house looks occupied by turning lights on and off and opening and closing curtains. Most of our visits last about 30 minutes, and we will come in as many times a day as necessary. We will feed the animals, make sure they have enough water, play with them, give them medication, take dogs for a walk, or two or three, and clean up anything pet-related that needs to be cleaned.”
All of Pet Nanny’s employees are bonded and insured.

While most of Pet Nanny’s business comes from people who are out of town, French and her staff can also provide services to busy owners who want someone to make sure their dogs get regular walks or, in the case of one elderly cat owner, assistance with pet care when mobility is a problem.
Says French, “Of course, as  you would expect, our busiest times are holidays, especially the time around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and spring break. During these periods, we can have up to ten visits a day.”

Most of Pet Nanny’s clients come to them through referrals from satisfied customers. They also have many repeat customers who have come to depend on the quality care their animal companions deserve and which Pet Nanny delivers.  French has also set up a website (, and this has been a good marketing tool in helping the business grow. Prices vary according to how many animals are in the home and what additional services might be provided. Their service area extends throughout the tri-county region. They are available on short notice but prefer to have at least 24 hours advance notice.

Despite the economic climate, Pet Nanny is continuing to grow. As French says, “People’s pets are part of the family, and there will always be a need for the kind of excellent care we are proud to provide.”
If Max (currently the most popular dog’s name in the United States) or Tigger (the most popular name for cats) could talk, they’d tell you, “Call Pet Nanny!”

Author: Jane Whittington
Photography: Terri Shaver

Information Box:

Pet Nanny
Tammy French, Owner
416 Frandor, Suite 300

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