Fitting Today’s Lifestyle

The Kitchen Shop understands that and partners with homeowners to plan and perfect just the right space for today’s families.

According to Barry Noora, regional manager, “Since 1969, The Kitchen Shop has been working with mid-Michigan residents to provide a one-stop shop for everything anyone might need to create a great kitchen, whether that’s a new build, a complete remodel or just some minor adjustments to freshen up a space.”

Based in Marshall, The Kitchen Shop, a third-generation, family-run business headed up by J.W. Townsend, chairman and CEO, was founded in 1950 and now includes five retail locations, including the one in Lansing, and a distribution headquarters that specializes in creating countertops for homeowners and for major retail home stores and large-scale developers. Other stores are in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Jackson and Marshall.

Noora says, “While our name reflects our expertise in designing and creating kitchens, we also offer the same services for other rooms in the house, including bathrooms, family rooms, laundry rooms, entertainment centers, closets, built-ins for any room, industrial design and interior design. We carry all major lines of cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures and countertops. We partner with Rycus, right next door, to offer many flooring options.”

And the choices are amazing. All told, the Kitchen Shop can offer thousands of different combinations of styles, wood, colors, finishes, glazes, paints, countertops, appliances and all the other details that go into creating the perfect kitchen. Add to that all the options for other rooms, and the customer is looking at a veritable wonderland of alternatives from which to select.

“Even though customers come in with an idea of what they want, I’d say that close to 90 percent of them end up choosing something different. People just have no idea of what is available until they actually come into the store,” Noora says.

Noora emphasizes that in working with customers, the staff spends time talking, asking the right questions and listening before the job begins. Knowing the family’s unique lifestyle is essential in making sure the kitchen or other room works. “We want to know how the family lives its life before we make any decisions. Working with the customer, our job is to lay out a kitchen that is functional, beautiful and different.”

According to Noora, “We are committed to working with the customer though the whole process. First we listen, then we design, then we find the best manufacturers to meet the clients’ needs, order everything from floor to ceiling and, finally, take care of the installation. We’re there from beginning to end to make sure it all goes perfectly.” 2009-oct-kitchenshop2

It used to be that there was a noticeable difference between good, better and best. But Noora says that these days even lower cost alternatives achieve a high-cost look. He points out a textured laminate countertop that looks remarkably like the higher cost granite that is so popular. “I want to emphasize that our prices are very competitive. We can match the big box stores on price while also offering design services, a staff focused on personalized customer service and expertise developed over years of working with our products and services.”

The staff blends new ideas with old-fashioned customer service and traditional workmanship.

Noora says, “We have 12 employees in the Lansing store and most of them have been here for many years.” Noora himself has worked for the company for 31 years and is     justifiably proud of the low employee turnover at the Lansing store.

According to Noora, there are several trends in kitchen and bath design. Besides the ongoing preference for stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, he mentions the use of different colors and textures in one room. Some clients are choosing to use two different woods in their cabinetry or mix the glazes or stains. Under-counter lighting continues to be popular. Some kitchens now feature a “stepped” design, cabinetry of varying heights and depths.

The Kitchen Shop is also committed to green building and this has become a concern for many customers as well. Recycled glass for the kitchen backsplash is one way of being green, and there are many other recycled products available for the conscientious consumer.

Noora reminds us that “nothing replaces quality.” Quality, along with design expertise, an understanding of customers’ unique needs, competitive pricing and a willingness to go the extra mile are what makes The Kitchen Shop just the right recipe for today’s families.

Author: Jane Whittington.
Photography: Terri Shaver.


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