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DTN ADDS Value to the Lansing Community

When DTN Management was named Business of the Year at the 2016 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards, Co-Founder Tom Kuschinski was more than pleased to receive the award. “It’s very exciting to be honored in that way,” said Kuschinski. “We have very strong ties to the Lansing area, because by far, everything we’ve done has been in […]

Pat Gillespie Brings Growth and Innovation to Lansing

It would ring of hype if it weren’t true. The Gillespie Group is changing the face of Lansing and has been since 1994.Led by founder and President Pat Gillespie, the company is populating the city with eye-catching, bold apartment buildings. Its commercial developments stress design and function, downtown and out-town. They mirror a city that […]

Jeff McWherter: Facing Down Fear

At the 2016 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards, Jeff McWherter, owner of Gravity Works Design + Development, was pleased to accept the Emerging Entrepreneur Award.McWherter mentioned it took some convincing from co-workers to submit a consideration for the award.“I’m not a big person on awards for myself,” he said. “When we talked about it internally, I […]

Kellie Murphy Turns a Hobby into a Successful Business

Kellie Murphy, owner of Kellie’s Consignments in Okemos wasn’t expecting a win at the 2016 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards. Perhaps Murphy could have recited her business logo – ‘expect the unexpected,’ when she got ready for the prestigious community awards program.Despite the shock, Murphy was pleased to thank the judges and community for supporting and […]

Keith Granger: Creating Sustainable Energy Solutions

As Granger celebrates its 50th anniversary, no one at the waste management company was more pleased to win the Socially Responsible Entrepreneur Award than CEO Keith Granger.“From an outsider’s perspective, I think people would say, ‘Granger, of course; they provide recycling and waste management services,’” said Keith. “I look at socially responsible as including those […]

Angel Investing Boosts Area Entrepreneurs

We’ve all seen or heard of “Shark Tank,” the high stakes pitch show where entrepreneurs seek investments for their business. If you’ve watched it, it may seem like the process of getting funding for your business is a quick, drama-filled, series of questions that flies by in about 10 minutes or less. But, that’s the […]

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