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(Lansing, MI) – Lansing based Opportunity Arts & New York City based Pentacle are excited to announce a new business partnership between the two organizations that will provide fiscal sponsorship opportunities to Michigan based artists. The partnership will offer Opportunity Arts Affiliate Artists automatic membership to Unique projects, Pentacle’s most basic fiscal sponsorship program.

Unique projects is a fiscal sponsorship program which gives artists the ability to receive tax deductible donations, eligibility to apply for and receive foundation grants, as well as other nonprofit benefits, such as discounted rehearsal space. Artists work with a dedicated Pentacle administrator to clearly, reliably, and efficiently process their donations and send acknowledgments on their behalf. This is ideal for emerging or established artists with project-specific fundraising needs. “Fiscal Sponsorship is a great way for artistic professionals to generate additional funding for their artistic endeavors,” said Mike Marriott, owner of Opportunity Arts. “I am so pleased that we have the opportunity to partner with such an experienced & successful organization like Pentacle to provide fiscal sponsorship opportunities to artists in Michigan.”

The partnership will also give Opportunity Arts Affiliate Artists the opportunity to join Pentacle’s Unique plus, a fiscal sponsorship AND bookkeeping service at a discounted rate of $500 off the annual fee.
Unique Plus has all the benefits of Unique projects, plus a bookkeeping component which includes monthly fiscal reports, 1099 tax form prep and mailing, and access to a fiscal associate.

About Opportunity Arts:
Opportunity Arts LLC was created to fill the needs of artists and arts organizations who require promotional & administrative services to be successful. The company’s business model allows artists and arts entities to enlist services when needed. Individual artists & art collectives have utilized Opportunity Arts as their administrative team, while arts organizations have hired Opportunity Arts to handle specific promotional projects. By providing affordable administrative & promotional services to artists & arts organizations, Opportunity Arts empowers them to do what they do best, create works of art.

About Pentacle:
Pentacle is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit infrastructure support organization based out of New York City with over 40 years of experience providing fiscal services to the arts community. Pentacle collaborates with artists to design and provide unique and robust programs of support at critical stages in their careers. Pentacle believes in the unique and critical role the artist citizen plays in our democracy, and that art and artists inspire people in many communities to understand, articulate and seek to attain their highest aspirations for the world. By providing artists with the support and tools they need to thrive and make their high quality work, it helps to enrich the cultural landscape and thereby contributes to the dynamic flow of ideas so necessary for a healthy democratic society.

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