Jorgieann Stoneham, a registered nurse at McLaren Greater Lansing, has been recognized as one of the Lansing Latino Health Association’s 2017 Outstanding Hispanic/Latino Caregivers.

This award is given annually to a caregiver who has made a significant difference in the life of a patient, exceeded expectations in carrying out his or her responsibilities and demonstrated professionalism in the workplace. 

Stoneham, a 14-year employee of McClaren Greater Lansing, started out as a nursing assistant before obtaining her RN degree. She worked as a stroke and ICU nurse before finding her way to the quality improvement department. She has been part of two Blue Cross Blue Shield quality collaboratives that focus on improving patient outcomes. Although she no longer is a bedside nurse, she still works hard to keep patients safe with the creation of prehabilitation kits that consist of educational materials, incentive spirometer, pedometer, mouthwash and an antibacterial soap. This kit is designed to instruct patients on actions they can take preoperatively to improve post-operative complications such as pneumonia, surgical site infections, emergency department visits and readmissions. 


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