The Yenso Index: A Lighthouse for the Crypto Market

EAST LANSING, MI, (January 30, 2018) – Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies have drawn a lot of attention from investors and the media. Bigger and stronger players continue to get involved. A.J. Boggs & Company has developed the Yenso Index to help investors gauge changes in the cryptocurrency markets. Visit to explore how this new tool can help you to evaluate crypto market performance.

A.J. Boggs’ CEO, J. Clarke Anderson, explained: “Traditional markets have their indexes. Now is the time for an index for the crypto market! The fundamental question is whether you want to navigate through this market with or without a lighthouse. The Yenso Index will illuminate your path.”

The cryptocurrency market has grown in significance for financial investments, creating crypto millionaires. Cryptocurrencies offer many new capabilities that are disrupting markets and providing access to capital. People all over the world use cryptocurrencies to navigate financial obstacles or gain access to more widely accepted currencies. Investors are pouring funds into this market with both great interest and skepticism. The Yenso Index will serve as a reliable guide, providing an easy to understand indicator of the size of global cryptocurrency markets at no cost.

The Yenso Index measures the cryptocurrency market activity based on the market cap of major cryptos. The currencies in the index are selected based on proprietary Yenso eligibility criteria, including market capitalization, trading volumes, prior performance, and founder/community qualities. Fluctuations in the Yenso Index offers a simple way to understand the dynamics and magnitude of the changes in the crypto market to facilitate investment decisions and diversification.

About A.J. Boggs & Company

AJBoggs is an Internet product and cloud services firm headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan, with offices in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, Michigan. AJBoggs offers web, computer security, systems administration, full-text search engines, software development, ehealth, cryptocurrency, enterprise applications, and database management services. Visit for more information.


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