The Davies Project for Mid-Michigan Children Receives $16,000 Grant from Joe D. Pentecost Foundation

The Davies Project is proud to have received a grant of $16,000 from the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation. This grant will be used to help train its volunteer drivers, expand its office space and personnel, and spread the word about the work it does to members of the community and families in need of its services. The Davies Project knows that the Pentecost Foundation has a long history of supporting Michigan and Lansing-based organizations, and it is honored to be named among them.

In greater Lansing, where 70 percent of the children who rely on the local subspecialty clinics are on Medicaid, poor transportation options contribute to a 60 percent missed appointment rate for children with serious illnesses. The Davies Project is working hard to turn this situation around by pairing families with highly-screened and highly-trained volunteer drivers to ensure that every child has access to the subspecialty medical care and support services he or she needs. Regular attendance at appointments as well as the companionship that often develops between families and drivers is having a positive impact on the lives of families with sick children during what is frequently a very isolating time. Dependable access to medical appointments helps doctors provide timely treatment, fulfills a crucial need in the community, and improves children’s health outcomes.

Funds received from the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation will give The Davies Project the ability to expand critical services to more kids and families in the community.


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