Greater Lansing’s New Deal

As the private sector continues to grow and become more competitive, it is imperative that businesses hire and retain the best employees possible. Whether they are working in sales, customer service or any other field, employees must be able to perform at their peak in order to do the best work they can for their companies. It is critical that businesses foster that growth so that they can build a trustworthy, well-trained team.

However, that growth does not come easily for many businesses, especially for those with smaller budgets. Thankfully, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC) is working to make those lessons more accessible to all Greater Lansing businesses.

The LRCC, which was founded in 1901, has spent over a century partnering with Lansing business owners to increase economic development in the city. Its efforts have been vital to the growth of the city’s economy, and the group has been responsible for many monumental changes in Lansing’s history, including the creation of the original airport that is now known as the Capital Region International Airport. The LRCC has proven itself to be a wonderful support for all businesses in the Greater Lansing area, whether large or small. And, its support continues to this day.

In an April 11 news release, the LRCC announced a new partnership with Dale Carnegie, a renowned talent-development agency. Through that partnership, LRCC members will gain access to the organization’s internationally recognized course for talent development that has been lauded by professionals for decades.

Dale Carnegie was founded in 1912 by its namesake. Carnegie was a well-known and respected writer and lecturer, who developed training for business professionals who wished to face their fears of public speaking and learn to grow their business by better communicating with others. Through his courses, Carnegie was able to improve the lives of his students, helping them grow more confident both in business and in their own lives. Through these courses and his best-selling novel “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Carnegie left a legacy of talent development that is still felt today.

In fact, the course that Carnegie originally created is still being used by professionals across the globe, boasting more than 8 million graduates including neurosurgeon and medical reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta as well as business leaders like Warren Buffet. There is no doubt that Dale Carnegie is a prestigious opportunity for Lansing businesses, and the LRCC is excited to offer the company’s services to its clients. But what exactly will LRCC members gain from the new partnership.

The Dale Carnegie course focuses on the five main aspects of a worker’s personal skills in order to make him or her a stronger, more effective professional. Those skills, as listed by LRCC’s news release, are “building self-confidence, developing enhanced people skills, improving communication skills, developing leadership abilities and teaching how to control one’s attitude while dealing with worry and stress.” While those skills are certainly not revolutionary, they are vital to the success of burgeoning professionals. Without those lessons and the growth that follows them, the businesses of Lansing, and thus all of its citizens, could easily suffer.

The new partnership is extremely valuable to the city, and the LRCC knows the impact that it can have on the local economy – as does Dale Carnegie itself. In LRCC’s news release, Matthew D. Anderson, executive in residence with Dale Carnegie, said he has “seen firsthand the dramatically positive impact this program has on a company’s culture and the behavior of Fortune 500 employees. Through the leadership of the chamber, this talent-development opportunity will be transformational for
our region.”

Thanks to the partnership between the LRCC and Dale Carnegie, the chamber will be able to offer its members reduced prices for the company’s teachings. It is a wonderful opportunity for local businesses that wish to invest in developing talent. Not only will it help the individuals, who will gain valuable knowledge from the course that they can use for the rest of their lives, but it also has the potential to have profound impacts on the businesses and people of Lansing.

As Michelle Rahl, LRCC director of business development, said, the LRCC and Dale Carnegie “recognize the tremendous impact that high-performing employees can have on their respective business. Talent attraction, retention and development will continue to be a key component of business growth, and we are excited to add Dale Carnegie to our leadership and talent-development offerings.”

For more information on the Dale Carnegie partnership, visit the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce website at For more information about Dale Carnegie, its course and its history, visit


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