Blue Owl Coffee expands to Old Town, East Lansing

Blue Owl Coffee is meeting its goal of expansion as it opened two new stores this year. With its original location opening in 2016 in REO Town, the coffee company has opened two additional stores in East Lansing and Old Town.

“We’d always wanted to do multiple stores, focusing on multiple cities. The REO Town location was our first test of the whole model. East Lansing was our first out of the city limits, but close enough to be safe,” said Nick Berry, co-owner. “Our goal is to take what we do with our artist community and put it on tour through different stores.”

According to Berry they have always wanted to bring Blue Owl Coffee to other communities and hope to eventually open stores in 10 cities. For now, the focus is in Greater Lansing.

“Our locations are meant for the community and the neighborhoods they are in,” stressed Berry. The uniqueness that is in those spaces is because of those people, not because of us. It is because our neighbors came in and told us what they wanted.”

Berry adds that Blue Owl Coffee is a business that “serves its community and sells coffee, not the other way around.” He says that the company’s goal is to “help create a space of hope and new ideas that begins with an incredible beverage.”

The East Lansing location is at 213 Ann St., Suite C next door to FieldHouse and HopCat and opened in February 2019.

The Old Town location is at 1236 Turner St. near DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen and will act as a more intimate location.

An added feature Blue Owl enjoys providing patrons is catering weddings and events. Customers can customize the event to meet their needs and Blue Owl is eager and willing to do it. “The way it feels is the way it flows,” said Berry.

“We can do your events, the weirder the better, because we can fit in everywhere that way,” said Berry. “We love doing weddings!” Blue Owl can do just about anything you’d imagine, from offerings like their pour over bar or brew and drop. Berry can even roll the brand’s original coffee bike out and ride it around the reception. “The sky is the limit ….”

The bottom line is that Blue Owl Coffee is far more than just a place to have a coffee. It’s a community-centered place where people in the area can come and enjoy themselves and interact with a company that truly wants to be a part of their lives. It’s probably why they use the phrase: “Our coffee, your story.”


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