Meeting Expectations Means Saving Lives When equipment is as good as new, patients can be too

Imaging equipment has been used by medical professionals since the early 20th century when x-rays were discovered and later used for diagnostic purposes. Now, whether they’re used to see the severity of a broken bone, cancerous tumors or the development of a baby inside its mother, millions of individuals rely on medical imaging equipment to aid in the treatment of their conditions.

To ensure that these machines run properly, medical professionals worldwide depend on manufacturers to construct quality products. In the greater Lansing area, Block Imaging provides facilities all over the world with quality equipment that exceeds the expectations of medical professionals everywhere.

Block Imaging, which has served the Lansing area since its founding in 1997, buys, sells, refurbishes and repairs medical imaging equipment and parts for medical facilities in a number of countries. The company focuses primarily on repurposing imaging machinery and distributing its equipment to customers in need of high-quality equipment. Not only does the equipment that Block Imaging produces help people, but its repurposing efforts help the environment as well.

“Ninety percent of what we do is refurbishment,” said Block Imaging President Josh Block. “We are bringing refurbished systems that would have been thrown in a landfill and, in essence, recycling them by parting them out. For us, when we redeploy a system that was in Nebraska into Nigeria, that’s fundamentally green in the sense that we don’t have to throw the machine away.”

Block Imaging is ISO-certified, meaning that all of the equipment that passes through the company’s shop leaves in like-new condition.

“For image quality, cosmetic appearance and overall performance, we want each piece of equipment that leaves here to be, in essence, like it were new,” said Block. “Each customer is looking for something a little different … our goal is to meet the customer’s expectations and provide a quality piece of equipment for wherever it’s headed.”

Keeping its customers’ needs in mind, Block Imaging also provides other services to ensure that their equipment continues to be the highest quality machinery available. The company provides its customers with repair services nationwide and throughout the world.

Their commitment to serving people extends beyond its customer base; the company also takes part in initiatives like the Hope Water Project, which works to provide people in African countries with clean drinking water.

“We try to look through a global landscape,” Block said, “Our philosophy is, ‘People Matter,’ and for us, money is a means, rather than an end; we want to invest in people.”

While caring for people around the world is incredibly important to the company, Block noted that taking care of the people who spend every day working to make the company better is just as important.

“Our people are our most important assets,” said Block. “We want the people who work here to love what they do.”

Block Imaging employs approximately 120 people at its main office in Holt, Mich. and a small number of people abroad. The company is committed to helping each of those employees maintain a positive work-life balance. Employees are encouraged to take part in “People Matter Days,” which give them opportunities to partake in both personal and professional development experiences.

“Those People Matter Days can consist of a lot of different things,” said Block. “It could be a trip overseas to volunteer or something else that’s fulfilling for that employee. It gives them a chance to do something that matters to them.”

Block also noted that the company also sends employees to speak at conferences and encourages them to participate in other personal and professional development activities.

As the company grows, it’s also continuing to add new jobs to the Lansing area. Block Imaging is currently hiring for a number of positions, and is looking to add dedicated employees to join its team.

“We want people who love to be challenged and work well with others,” said Block. “Our people are driven for more and better, and that’s what makes us a great team.”

In the 20 years since Block Imaging first opened its doors, the company has experienced a number of successes, and Block hopes to continue moving the company forward in the years to come.

“I don’t have all the answers to how the company will grow, but I do know that it’s assumptive that if we take care of customers and we continue to come up with new and creative ideas and have great people working for us, that growth will take care of itself,” said Block. “Where the specific opportunities lie in mobile imaging or in digital imaging, I can’t really say right now, but that’s for our team to come together and really decide where and how we’ll continue to grow.”

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Alicia Pilmore

Alicia Pilmore

Alicia Pilmore is a communications specialist at M3 Group in Lansing, Michigan. She enjoys writing, wine tasting and spoiling her cat, Pishi.

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