Williamston Celebrates Past, Looks to Future

The city held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new downtown historic district marker. Working with the State of Michigan, the Williamston Downtown Development Authority and City staff coordinated the creation and installation of a historic marker recognizing Williamston’s Downtown Historic District, which was recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located in front of City Hall, the marker stands at one entrance into the district and celebrates the historically significant structures in which the local businesses have invested so much time and effort. The historic characteristics of the city are just one aspect that makes Williamston unique and adds to our charm.

The city also coordinated efforts with private sector business developers and the Economic Development Council (EDC) to support new development and provide public facilities that will benefit the entire community. Capitalizing on a development opportunity, the city and the EDC began negotiations with a local businessman to redevelop an existing city building that housed the Department of Public Works and Police Department into a new microbrewery. Located on West Grand River Avenue, this prime location, along with the years of experience of the business owner, will ensure the conversion of the building results in a robust business and entertainment destination that will enhance both the economic vitality of the city and our growing base of destination restaurants.

The sale and conversion of the City DPW/police building into a commercial anchor provided the city with the opportunity to develop and construct a new police department. The brand new headquarters, currently being constructed adjacent to City Hall on East Grand River Avenue, will greatly enhance the efficiency of the city police department. Utilizing the new amenities and operational efficiencies will allow the department to be even more effective at providing the community with the safety and security that can put residents and businesses at ease. This coordination and partnership between the city, the EDC and the private business community has allowed for both a new business to be established and provided a higher level of service to the whole community in an efficient model for the future.

The city is also looking to the future through the creation and development of a new master plan. Currently under review for adoption, the new master plan is focused on adding to the overall quality of life in the community by enhancing the existing businesses and residential neighborhoods of the city. The new master plan has also provided direction on how to develop the intersection of Williamston Road and Interstate 96. The new master plan would designate the land in close proximity to the intersection as mixed-use, allowing for the development of a mix of commercial, office and residential land uses. The plan directs the city to allow for more creativity by land owners and developers in their architectural design and site layouts to enhance the creation of unique areas that are both highly desirable to live in, economically sustainable for the long run and preserve the unique beauty and character of the area.

If you are looking for a great place to live, shop, visit or open a business, come see what Williamston has to offer!


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