2020 Vision for the Coming Year

Lansing’s story continues to unfold – and like any riveting edge-of-your-seat pager-turner, it seems like we’re just getting to the good part.

First, there are so many exciting things happening in technology that relate to fitness and health. We take a look in this issue at a couple of businesses that are using technology in new and exciting ways.

Second, this past year the city and surrounding region continued to take strong strides toward positioning itself for a bright future. Whether it was the long-anticipated groundbreaking of Gillespie Group’s BLOCK600 project in the heart of the Stadium District, the fulfillment of the Rotary Park project to bolster the use of the city’s riverfront acreage or the announcement that global energy provider EDL is moving its North American headquarters to East Lansing, the region’s business outlook shined with nothing but promise and polish throughout 2019.

This issue of Greater Lansing Business Monthly is highlighting some of the projects and people in 2019 that proved to be valuable newsmakers to the growth, livability, sense of community and economic health of where we call home.

Who or what will be the newsmakers that push us forward in 2020? It’s an exciting proposition because they’re out there right now, planning and preparing to be the next guiding hand of our community, whether they’re seasoned industry veterans calculating their next business initiative or new entrepreneurs who will bring fresh minds and bold ideas to the table.

There are plenty of accomplishments to be proud of as the city continues its rise. Equally so, there is no shortage of skill, talent and ingenuity that have yet to be tapped to accelerate regional performance and prominence. I encourage you to become part of the conversation and a catalyst for what you know needs to happen.

Let the next chapter begin. Most importantly, be a part of it.


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