Horrocks: Branding for a Community Near You

The myths and misconceptions persist.

There are ends of a spectrum: Safe and corporate supermarkets occupy one end, while limited and wholesome farmers markets sit at the other. Both find their own success where they can, but something far more rare and inviting lies somewhere between the respective business models. 

Horrocks Farm Market has managed to fill the role of “humble behemoth,” and its dedication has paid off in spades; it has expanded to several sister locations throughout the state. The Lansing favorite, which harbors hundreds of employees, will celebrate its 60th year in business next year.

Many green businesses have their sights set on world domination, so to speak, but why not plant a flag in one’s immediate community? Adam Horrocks, owner and partner of Horrocks, cites a litany of guidelines and philosophies that guided his business to its community staple status.

Choose a community wisely

One of the things that enables Horrocks to be so connective with Lansing is the quality of the community itself. Horrocks points to Lansing’s staggering diversity and general fair-nature when explaining just how easy it can be to fit in. 

“It’s great to work in a place where, in the span of 10 minutes, you can go from a bustling downtown or college campus to a rural area with sprawling farmland. Michigan, in my opinion, is home to some of the kindest people you’ll ever met,” said Horrocks.

Curate products/services bluntly

The rule of thumb Horrocks employs for maintaining quality output is as follows: “Does this offer a value to the people who are shopping here?” he asked. “As long as the answer is ‘yes,’ then you’ll be able to make that item, product, department or service work for the consumer.” 

Most recently, having seen its standout freshness as a promising asset to loyal shoppers, Horrocks has added Lorio’s products, a local gelateria, to its shelves.

Stay in your lane

“If you can’t be better than [the competition] at what you’re trying to do, then don’t do it.” said Horrocks. “It’s as simple as that. While it’s not possible 100 percent of the time, it should always be the goal.” 

Keep the numbers straight

Along with cultivating a flexible and effective product roster, it’s important to make sure you can afford to do so. 

“Debt is a business killer,” said Horrocks. “A lot of times, debt is required to get a business going. That’s OK – have a plan to get out of it and, once you have, never go back to it.”

Be as hands on as possible

The team members at Horrocks stake their pride on how involved they are with customers and the Lansing community as a whole. 

“There’s almost always one of our owners at the Lansing location every day, and we really are ingrained in the community,” Horrocks said. “That allows for us to have a good feel for what the people want to see from us. This would be an incredibly difficult business to manage from afar.”

Be kind

A constant rapport of caring for its customers is one of the most crucial things that put Horrocks at the top of its game. Keeping the surrounding community and clientele happy and healthy is of paramount importance. “It’s amazing how some companies and corporations can lose their way and forget this,” mused Horrocks. 



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