Health Care is Complex

Everyone needs it, but few people want to deal with it. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to know that there are doctors, nurses and others available when needed. I’m just not fond of going, or at least of putting aside the time to schedule physicals and tests. And, I know I’m not alone. 

It isn’t only the actual appointments that make health care daunting but going to one doctor just to get referred elsewhere, then calling the insurance company to make sure pricing is covered and more. Thankfully, advances in technology have made getting test results, providing information and confirming appointments easier. 

Patient portals and other applications are helpful for sharing valuable information securely and at the press of a button. These types of innovations and updates in delivery are making the future of health care exciting. The hope is that there are cures and treatments around every corner, which will all make this generation and those that come after healthier and happier. 

According to research from Rasmussen College, trends making a difference in today’s healthcare realm include:

  1. Telehealth – Utilizing an email or health portal to communicate directly with health care providers means you are taking a part in this system. The abilities found in these networks will continue to increase in capability over the next year.
  2. Stronger security – This seems obvious, but as hackers get even savvier, there will be a need to protect health-related data through increasingly top-notch cyber platforms.
  3. Chat bots – These are similar to personal assistants like Alexa or Siri, but they use specific artificial intelligence to answer medical questions or monitor health symptoms, as well as alert physicians. (Maybe they can schedule appointments too.)
  4. Personalized medicine – Now that mapping your DNA is much easier, medical professionals can create personalize plans for each individual. Expect to see more conversation surrounding genome editing technologies, and don’t be surprised if a doctor offers you genetic testing at some point in the near future.
  5. Wearable technology – You probably already have something that fits this category. Maybe your watch doubles as a heart-rate monitor, or perhaps it reads your glucose. There will soon be many other wearable technologies either way, and they are expected to help take your health management to a new level. 

Illness is the great equalizer.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what position you’ve achieved; bodily health, and its eventual pitfalls, don’t discriminate. Hopefully, advancements in health care made this year and beyond will benefit all. 


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