Business spotlight: Extend Your Reach

There’s no denying that the marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years. The rise of technology and social media has left companies scrambling to get their messages online while traditional media struggles to catch up. One local company, Extend Your Reach, has embraced the changing landscape and expanded their direct mail services to include full-service marketing solutions such as email, design and content management.

When asked how the company has continued to adapt, President Amer Gerzic says it comes down to a love for the applied technology and always thinking of ways to incorporate new ideas.

“If you love something [like technology], you are always trying to spend time with it. For instance, after the smartphone revolution, I was sitting at home one afternoon thinking about this new hardware and how to make software for it,” said Gerzic. “I realized it had computing power and a camera, so I wrote an intelligent mail barcode (IMB) reader. At first no one cared because smartphones were just a new toy, but today there are many companies providing the same application.”

Gerzic’s love of technology is partially the result of a high school basketball injury that left him immobile for eight weeks.

“I’ve always had interest in math and science. Early on, I loved electronics and electrical engineering, which I studied in Germany during my high school years,” explained Gerzic. “During recovery from my injury, I purchased a computer to kill some time with games, but then discovered programming, which changed my life. I always loved technology and figuring out how to use it to solve practical issues.”

After arriving in the United States, a chance meeting with a VP at Extend Your Reach opened the door for Gerzic. When asked about which aspect of the company he’s most proud of, he says it’s always the people and how they grow when given the opportunity.

“Human relationships are really all that matter; everything else is meaningless. I think that in business, people can forget that they are interacting with other human beings,” said Gerzic. “I try to treat every business conversation like it’s happening in my personal life. Perhaps my view is biased because I was helped by many, but there is absolutely no question that my success would never have happened without help from others.”

Formally known as Presort Services, Inc, Extend Your Reach has played an important role in the Lansing community for more than 30 years. They have led the area as the first high-speed mail sorter, first automated flat sorter and one of the first full-service providers. They were even the first presort service bureau in Michigan to be certified as a quality mailing partner by the United States Postal Service. There are high hopes for the future of the company and plans to continue to grow as new technology is created.

“In the near future, we will continue to change and adapt to drastic changes within our industry. We will embrace technology even more and utilize our knowledge to become a sophisticated marketing agency with a lot of practical experience in ‘production,’ as opposed to strict marketing agencies that have no idea how, for instance, a mailing is produced,” explained Gerzic. “I think that this experience is the key because we can provide all the answers during the first meeting with the customer and offer better input, which may save cost and increase their return on investment.”

Gerzic believes key to succeeding in business is all about being honest and direct.

“It’s so crucial to not pretend or ‘fake it until you make it.’ It’s fine to not know something and ask for help. It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to tell the customer that perhaps your company is not the best fit. I know it’s hard, but business is a marathon not a sprint.”



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