How Does Leadership Support Service Excellence?

The impact of leadership, the value of client care and customer service is equal to its leadership involvement. You must talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk of the service process. You are ultimately responsible for any positive and/or negative effects as a result of leading your team.

Think about your role as a leader; how are your priorities different than they were as an employee? As a leader you are paid to accomplish more work than you can do alone, which comes with an underlying responsibility to lead and coach others. In order to get the best from your team, you need to execute a number of roles well; such as selecting the best talent, setting clear expectations, communicating daily, inspiring by example and providing excellent service internally and externally.

Each member of your team has a different behavioral style and level of experience. Modify your style to better communicate with each individual and consider these distinctions: direct beginners; coach novices; observe intermediates; review the advanced and collaborate with the masters. Empowering individuals is about communicating effectively and holding the team accountable for increased productivity and superior client results. Providing meaningful feedback that is reinforcing and timely develops people, lets them know where they stand, improves performance, decreases turnover and heightens morale. Who benefits? Everyone! Happy employees, happy clients, happy managers, higher productivity.

Encourage employees to become a collaborative partner with the client, customer and your organization. They become a “leader” and internalize the need for excellence in their behavior. As a successful leader, employees are wanting to follow you, versus having to follow you.

Offering consistently excellent service everywhere you operate is attainable through impactful leadership and by remaining focused on producing exceptional results for clients and customers. How you do this today may be different tomorrow. Recognizing the importance of change and growth, while staying focused on your core business mission, is a clear differentiator.

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