Evolving Education: Opening Your Mind to New Possibilities

We are always learning. It happens whether we recognize it or not. Opportunity presents itself everyday. I think the key is opening oneself up to new ideas, creative thinking or straying out of a comfort zone. It isn’t easy, but I’ve learned that my open mind and willingness to stretch my original ideas has moved my business and me much further.

It’s easier today than it’s ever been to learn something new. It’s so readily available that I’ve found some younger people are having a hard time focusing on an area long enough to advance. One week they want to do one role and when you meet again, it’s something different. Variety is the spice of life, but some folks are giving me whiplash.

This phenomenon truly dovetails with the educational trends that are sweeping business communities.

Collaboration and sharing: Social media, collaboration and sharing in learning are set to rise in importance in gaining a business education over the next few years. I think about the blogs that give real-time business information as well as the shared articles and posts that are put on LinkedIn. The use of these networks and new outlets for information gives a broad and specialized perspective to review and glean pertinent information.

Personalization: The ability to pick and choose the education you receive will grow exponentially. A proliferation of online materials means that would-be business students that cannot afford or would rather take a different learning path can find what they seek online. While this may not necessarily lead to an official MBA, it can still provide the professional development needed to progress at work.

Education anytime and anywhere: Smartphones and tablets now have a sizeable penetration into almost every household. Business Insider (2012) reported that by 2016 there would have been 450 million tablets sold. In addition, Skillsoft noted that in the U.S., 83 percent have a cellphone. People are able to learn from every nook or cranny. From listening to audiobooks on the commute to work, to reviewing online courses on the tablet while travelling, business education is going mobile.

Of course, it’s important to vet the material you’re reading or the courses you’re taking online. The information is readily available but making sure the quality is at a standard you can appreciate is a bit more daunting. I suggest some due diligence from sources you trust to make sure your educational journey is beneficial. Most importantly, make time to keep learning.

Be dynamic in all you do,


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