A Look at Generation Y

At nearly 80 million, Millennials make up about one fourth of the U.S. population, making them the largest and most diverse generation.

By 2018, Millennials will have the most spending power of any generation.

Roughly half of Millennials say that it’s important to them to live close to their friends and family.

More than 85 percent of Millennials own smartphones.

Five out of six Millennials in the U.S. connect with companies on social media.

Millennials are the most educated generation in American history, with more than 63 percent of Millennials having at least a bachelor’s degree.

54 percent of Millennials either want to start a business or have already started one.

By 2025, three out of every four workers globally will be a Millennial.

Eighty-nine percent of Millennials would prefer to choose when and where they work rather than being placed in a 9-to-5 position.

45 percent of Millennials will choose workplace flexibility over pay.

The average tenure for Millennials is two years.

In the last five years, 87 percent of Millennial workers took on management roles.

31 percent of Millennials say that working with creatively-minded colleagues is important to them.

84 percent of Millennials say making a difference in the world is more important to them than professional recognition.

65 percent of Millennials say that losing their phone would have a greater negative impact on their daily routine than losing their car.

80 percent of Millennials said they prefer on-the-spot recognition over formal reviews and feel that this is imperative for their growth and understanding of a job.

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