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Ian-RIchardsonWhen Doberman Technologies CEO, Ian Richardson received the Emerging Entrepreneur Award at the 21st Annual Entrepreneurial Awards, he was speechless.

“I could hardly believe it,” said Richardson. “Of course you always hope that you win, but I wish I had written an acceptance speech so that I knew what to say when I got up there. We’re all very happy about the win.”

The Emerging Entrepreneur Award is presented to a company that has not only been able to show success in recent years, but also shows great potential for growth. Since its founding, Doberman Technologies has shown that it has the potential to be successful for many years to come.

Getting Started

When Richardson founded Doberman Technologies in 2005, he was working full time as an IT manager and attending graduate school. “It was really just a way for me to moonlight and make a little extra money on the side,” said Richardson. “Eventually I decided that I was tired of going to grad school and working for someone else. I decided that it was time for me to work for myself and take on Doberman full-time.”

In 2010, Doberman became a full-time operation, providing small businesses with a full-service, third party IT management team, meaning that the staff acts as a fully outsourced IT department. “We provide every IT service possible so that our clients can focus on running their business instead of wasting time trying to fix their email,” said Richardson. Some of these services include day-to-day support, third party vendor management and long-term IT planning, among others.

Doberman currently works mainly with medical practices, but hopes to expand their portfolio in the future.

Building Strong Bonds

The key to the company’s success thus far has been building relationships with their clients; Doberman boasts an impressive 90 percent client retention rate. Richardson’s goal is to make sure that he and his staff do whatever it takes to help their customers, even if that means that they won’t make a profit.

“We’re 100 percent focused on our relationships with our clients,” he said of their success. “And we’re 100 percent transparent with our clients. That means that even if we’re not the cheapest option, we let our clients know, and nine times out of ten, they stay with us because they know they’re working with people they can trust.”

Doberman also works to educate their clients on technology and trends in technology to help them make informed decisions about their services.

Dealing with Challenges and Celebrating Successes

Owning a business doesn’t come without its challenges, though. In the first few years, Richardson said that the business took away from time with his wife and son. Now that Doberman is well-established, he has been able to step out of his role in day-to-day IT support, allowing him to spend more time with his family.

Aside from time spent away from family, Richardson says that one of the most challenging aspects of the business for him has been dealing with the administrative roles that he has taken on as CEO, especially when it comes to hiring the right type of engineer. “You need to have a specific personality type to work here,” said Richardson. “Employees should really believe in the company’s goals.”

And Richardson’s goals for the company are set high; he hopes to expand Doberman Technologies through acquisitions and mergers over the next five to 10 years, and eventually become a nationwide company.

Despite the challenges, Richardson says that owning his own business has been incredibly rewarding. “Watching the staff grow with the company has been the most rewarding for me,” he said. Richardson noted that knowing his customers are satisfied with the services that Doberman provides is also very rewarding for him and his staff.

In the ten years since the founding of Doberman Technologies, Richardson has learned a lot about business and has experienced many successes by working hard every day. “There are some days that you come into work and have a lot of other things on your mind, but you still have to come in and give it your all,” said Richardson. “That’s how you make your business successful.”


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