Man On The Street

James Snider

“Obamacare is an abomination. It doesn’t address the real issue … it forces people to spend money on something they can’t afford. It’s euthanasia for the elderly.”

Denise Hawkins

“I’m not real thrilled (with) the changes that they’ve made. I don’t believe (those choices) are good for the middle or lower classes.”

Julie Meyerle

“There is no such thing as good healthcare. It’s always money-driven and not client-driven.”

Paul Garriepy

“Healthcare for food allergy parents is very expensive. I’m a big fan of universal health care. It just makes sense in this country to help our kids and our future.”

Amy Derrick, with daughter Alex Derrick

“I’m all for the Affordable Care Act. I think everyone in this country has the right to have healthcare.”

Kim Woods

“Not much. I think people should have it. I don’t really have an opinion (on the issue).”

Allen Moy


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