Baby Boutique Opens Storefront After Successful Online Presence

“It all started when I was looking for things for my two boys at small boutiques,” said Mackay. “Most look like they are full of only girl things and then you find the one lonely rack of boy things in the back.” Couple that with the fact that Mackay has always wanted to open a little store and Buttons and Beanstalks was born.

Mackay started slow. She developed a timeline for herself and her new business and opened her online store to test the waters. After showing success, she expanded her inventory small accessories to full outfits, lighting and room décor. The success of her online store, and her patience, is what allowed her to budget appropriately and open a storefront. By gaining a customer base first, Mackay has been able to open her storefront with little to no stress.

“If I could give advice to someone who wanted to open their own store or start their own business I would tell them to move slow and at a pace they’re comfortable with,” said Mackay. “They need to be patient and take their time. I always knew I wanted to open my own store, but I wanted to be online first. I knew after that I would start in a very small space and then expand.”

Micha Kaufman in his article “Rules of the Game: 5 Truths Every Entrepreneur Need to Know” summarizes Mackay’s business strategy for Buttons and Beanstalks to a T. “It’s easy to be complex, but it’s hard to keep things simple,” Kaufman explains. “Taking the time to reduce everything to basic principles can make all the difference between success and failure.”

With the storefront, Mackay is able to immediately gratify her customers because they don’t have to order things online anymore. “They can come in, grab it and go,” she said. “Plus, everything is so much cuter in person”.

The city of Williamston is the perfect place for a unique boutique such as Buttons and Beanstalks. With the city slogan being “discover the charm,” Buttons and Beanstalks offers the perfect amount of charm in what it sells; a look that celebrates innocence, inspires creativity, ensures security and imparts love.

Buttons and Beanstalks brings much more to the city of Williamston than exceptional products for children; it brings quality to the downtown area.

“Williamston exists because of its downtown,” said Michael Gradis, City Planning Consultant Mckenna Associates. Gradis is currently working with the city’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to develop the Williamston brand and improve the overall perception of the city. “A strong downtown makes strong neighborhoods. We don’t want to just be a destination city where people come and go. We want them to linger, walk the streets and purchase homes in the city”.

The goal of the Williamston DDA is to promote economic growth in the city. New stores like Buttons and Beanstalks opening during an economic downturn shows that what the DDA has planned is working. Mackay says she doesn’t know how the economy is really affecting her business because she opened it during the recession. Being a niche store, she has a very specific target market; moms and grandmas will always be looking to buy new outfits for their little ones.

Danielle Mackay is a proprietor who truly loves her customers. “Seeing how much people smile when they are shopping in the store — the ooo’s and ahh’s, the laughing and smiling — I try to choose clothing and accessories that when you see them, you just can’t help but smile”

Specializing in shower gifts, birthday and portrait outfits, Mackay has everything you could need a newborn size to a 4T. In the fall, Mackay plans on expanding her sizing options up to a 6T giving her target demographic a larger selection of items to choose.

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Article by Kelly Ritter | Photos by Mary McElgunn


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