A Dynamic Duo

The duo first began roofing in 1985 when Steve, upon graduating from Waverly High School, began working with his older brother, John, for a local roofing company. As Steve explains it, he attended his graduation commencement on Sunday, went to work roofing on Monday, and has been roofing ever since.

Paul, Steve’s younger brother, soon followed and the two began working on a roofing crew together.  In 1993, after eight years on the job, the brothers decided to branch out on their own, founding Elieff Brothers Roofing, Inc. Thanks to their work experience in the local industry the Elieff brothers started their business with a list of local building contractors. With their primary focus on new construction work, the brothers hit the ground running, keeping so busy they almost did not realize the growth of their company.

“When we started we used to go from roof to roof to roof. All we did was roof,” Paul says. “To entertain myself I would [ask], ‘How can we do it better? Can I put every single nail exactly where it is supposed to go?’ That was my entertainment.”

Though considered entertainment at the time, it was such precision and attention to detail that has made Elieff Brothers Roofing Inc. one of the best-known and highly recommended roofing companies in the Greater Lansing area.

Today the company has expanded to include the re-roofing market, restoration and maintenance. With a pricing that Steve describes as right in the middle of the marketplace, the company averages 150 jobs a year, and they take great pride in each and every one.

“Twenty-seven years of doing jobs. We have never done anything else,” Steve says. “Our name is synonymous with roofing in Lansing. You don’t have to talk to very many people. Our name comes up all over the place just because we care so much about making sure we do a good job. I take a lot of pride in putting my sign in somebody’s yard for everybody to see it.  It’s definitely something to be proud of.”

Steve and Paul make certain to be involved in every aspect of each job. From the customer’s initial call to the roof’s completion, Steve and Paul are there, hands-on, to ensure the customer is completely satisfied—a level of service that has set them apart from local competitors.

“The owner is involved right through the whole process,” Steve says. “I know you don’t get that anywhere else. I think that is our biggest selling point.”

Another selling point is the company’s lighthearted, hard-working crews that help make the re-roofing experience enjoyable for homeowners. According to Steve, the company steadily receives compliments on the dedication and professionalism of their crews—and he has a stack of handwritten thank-you notes to prove it.

“When we get done I know you,” Steve says. “I know your husband, I know your kids’ names, even your dog. It gets personal. [Customers] are [our] friends by the end of the job.”

In addition to superior customer care, Elieff Brothers Roofing Inc. strives to offer their customers comprehensive packaging, rather than just shingles and nails. While on the job they are careful to keep an eye out for details the customers may not know to ask about, such as chimney issues and necessary painted penetrations. Paul admits that most of the time they do not tell homeowners about the additional work they do, choosing to do it because it is the best way to do the job.

“It does not take you any longer to do the job right,” Steve says.

Paul adds, “Everybody talks about [being] fast. It does not matter how fast you are. You have to be good. You learn how to do it right and then you get faster as you continue.”

These days Elieff Brothers Roofing Inc. has begun to naturally expand to a complete exteriors company, installing metal roofing, siding, windows, eaves troughs, even stone. Though there was never a vision for an expansion, the brothers agree that the growth has been a natural transition along the way.

“I think people just trust us. We have always been hard workers,” Paul says. “Everybody is born with a gift. Ours is roofing.”

Author: Joanne Jansz.
Photography: Terri Shaver.

Elieff Brothers Roofing, Inc.

Steve Elieff, Co-owner

Paul Elieff, Co-owner




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