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With a background in journalism from Eastern Michigan University, her career began as a daily reporter. By nature she is inquisitive and astute, always looking for something or someone to talk about in a positive and uplifting way. Providing information and noteworthy accomplishments and contributions is instinctual, making her decision to publish a monthly magazine that features exceptional women in the tri-county area an understandable and applauded decision.

“There are so many interesting and exciting opportunities in Lansing,” Dowling shares enthusiastically. “It is natural, then, that there are exceptional women in the area that are contributing to its growth with thoughtful and intellectual insights on every level, and I wanted to share that with our community.”

Going strong for four years, Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine exemplifies her positive belief about the capabilities and creativity of the professional and persevering women of the Lansing area. Knowing what she wants to read, the content is educational, informational and inspirational while promoting synergy among the area’s female population, providing a supportive network of like-minded individuals to share experiences, business savvy and common interests. Dowling acknowledges that her publication also is read by many men who are appreciative of their counterparts and their roles as leaders in the area.

“The truth and the big picture reveal a resource of connectivity among everyone,” Dowling says. “That is an important aspect of the publication and represents its influence, because ultimately the goal is to grow people and businesses through connections and to provide opportunities and contacts that one might not have had.”

Distributed as a free monthly publication, the magazine is available at more than 450 distribution points. An average issue is about 44 pages that provide about 65 percent content and 35 percent in advertising. The publication reaches approximately 11,500 businesses and individuals monthly. Going into its fourth year of publication, the magazine has experienced a steady and positive trend of popularity. When asked about the advantage of being a free publication, Dowling draws on her research that indicates that if someone actually reaches for a publication, they are going to read it.

“The magazine is readily available throughout the area,” Dowling states. “We have a great presence in restaurants, coffee shops, doctors’ offices and athletic facilities. Part of its success is great content and accessibility.”

Although there was mixed criticism before the magazine’s initial launch, it is evident in its continued success and readership levels that there is plenty of information and feature cover content that keeps the publication moving forward in growth and into its maturity.  If there is one thing that Dowling believes, it is that anything is possible with the right mindset, intellectual or tangible vehicle, and supportive peers.

“I love Lansing,” Dowling says with her charismatic charm. “I see it as the biggest small town with so much to do and with so much to offer. There is a great sense of community here that easily lends itself to an open business community that promotes the success of every business whether large or small. The integrity and the desire to see Lansing succeed is a big part of Lansing’s community spirit.”

Dowling believes that the growth of her publication is based on the laurels of the businesses that call Lansing home and the simple fact that the participation level of its leaders is always great in numbers. CAWLM is host to many annual events such as The Lady Classic golf outing and the ‘80s Flashback Fundraiser that brings together a variety of women, and men, to connect professionally and personally all in the name of synergetic success.

Always on the move, Dowling is also the owner of Motion Marketing & Media, a public relations, social media, marketing and advertising firm located in Downtown Lansing. Her creative talents and ingenuity have led her to her latest business spin-off, a talk radio show that is again reflective of her spirit and interests, In Her Shoes.

In 2006, Dowling was awarded a Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Award in the Emerging Entrepreneur category and in 2009 she was given the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Athena Award. Although she is proud and honored to have received these awards, Dowling says that her greatest success has been first and foremost being a wife, and a mother to her two boys, ages 19 and 14.  Recognizing the challenges that come along with balancing work and life, she can relate to many of the great women here in the area and tries to incorporate that understanding into every endeavor that bears her name. 

Author: Trenna Nees.
Photography: Terri Shaver.

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