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2nd Time Around

Twenty-four years ago, Nadine Isaacs needed a job when she was a teenager. She went to 2nd Time Around and was hired. Today, she is the owner of the area’s longest running consignment shop located in Okemos.

Still in the same 8,000-square-foot building since it opened its doors in 1979, 2nd Time Around is a local household name.

“What’s unique about this consignment is that we cater to every family member,” Nadine shares. “There is quality clothing here for women, teenagers, children and men. We also have a large selection of maternity and plus sizes.”

Seeing over 100 new consigners a month, business is booming.  Added to her loyal consigner base, the store takes in more than 15,000 new items per month and sells nearly the same volume.  The store’s high standards of acceptable items make it a sure bet to find designer and quality clothing that is seasonally appropriate and reasonably priced.

“We only keep items for two months,” Nadine says.  “If it has not sold, the consigner may pick up any unsold items or choose to leave their items.  If it stays at the store, however, we donate the items to local charities.  It’s a win-win here at 2nd Time Around because not only are we giving back to the community, we also are contributing to efforts to go green.”

Exactly how are consignment shops part of going green one may question? Easy.  Through the resale of clothing, consumers are buying less of new materials that may take away from the environment.  Resale also keeps discarded clothing out of the landfills.  Not only do consignment shops raise awareness of surroundings, they’re also a great way to be financially responsible.

“During economically challenging times, consumers find ways to cut back on spending and begin to budget,” Nadine points out. “Consignment shoppers see that instead of saving for that one item at the mall, they now can buy a whole outfit at a resale shop for the same cost. This is especially true for young girls wanting designer clothing, or the new graduate starting a professional career.”

Statistics reveal that anywhere from 12 to 15 percent of Americans shop consignment.  And it’s not just because of the money savings. It’s the thrill of finding that one item at that great price, or indulging oneself to buy an item that at normal cost would seem extravagant.  With resale businesses raking in over 2.8 billion per year, consignments are giving a whole new meaning to green.

“I expect to see favorable trending in 2011,” Nadine says. “Perhaps some will make consignment shopping a new year’s resolution not only to themselves, but to the global effort of going green.

Kellie’s Galleria Consignment

Thinking of redoing a living room? Looking for a unique and interesting decorative piece? Have a room that needs to go from blah to beautiful? Well, look no more. Kellie Johnson, owner of Kellie’s Galleria Consignment, offers great resale furniture and decor for every room in the house at very appealing prices that just might make it possible to spruce up two rooms rather than just one.

“Expect the unexpected,” Kellie says. “We have a showroom floor full of unexpected treasures, inspiration pieces, living room sets, artwork and accessories that can transform any room in your home.”

With two consignment locations in the Okemos area, Kellie has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. So much in fact, that she had to expand her furniture consignment and home décor to its own location. Already successful in the consignment market, she knew that the furniture galleria consignment would be a hit as well.

With over 4,000 square feet, the Galleria offers a full spectrum of services, furniture and home décor. What’s unique about Kellie’s consignment is that she also offers a full line of Ashley furniture and an interior designer to assist her clients. “We offer competitive decorating options,” she shares passionately. “There are great pieces of collector’s art, high-end quality furniture and unique focal pieces to complement practically every decorative taste. All of which are available at a fraction of retail cost.”

Knowing that today’s consumers are selective and careful about how they are spending their money, Kellie’s inventory is priced to sell. She is also aware that consignment shopping is a new concept for some consumers. That is why she is discerning about her inventory. “I want my clients’ shopping experience to be one that makes them proud to find a great piece at a great price rather than paying a great price for a great piece.”

Acknowledging that some are hesitant to purchase previously owned items, she reminds her clients that every time they stay overnight at a hotel or a luxury resort, they are reusing products that someone else has already used. “You don’t bring your own sheets to a hotel,” she points out, “and you don’t bring your own plate and silverware to a restaurant. All day long we reuse other people’s things. It’s all in how you look at it.”

Not only is it budget friendly to shop furniture and décor consignment, it is earth friendly as well. As with clothing consignment, furniture and home décor elicit the same theory that it is eco-friendly to reuse items rather than throwing them into a landfill.

“In my line of business it’s cool to be green,” Kellie concludes. “As we move forward in personal awareness, the resale businesses will be leaders in that change.”

Author: Trenna Nees
Photography: Terri Shaver

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