Curvaceous Lingerie: Making every body feel beautiful

Lauren Palmer is sending a strong message to women in the Lansing area to love the skin they are in.

Taking female empowerment into her own hands, Palmer opened up Curvaceous Lingerie in Old Town Lansing and has been improving self-esteem and women’s fashion ever since. Her business has grown tremendously since its start and has won Top 3 out of the Top of the Town competition for the past four years, earning Palmer a well-deserved Emerging Entrepreneur at the 2018 GLBM Entrepreneurial Awards.

Last year, you won Emerging Entrepreneur at the GLBM Entrepreneurial Awards. How did that feel? Why was that important to you?

It felt a bit overwhelming. I’ve won other awards before, but this was the first that truly made me feel recognized and empowered by our community. It felt important because I was acknowledged by other business owners and executives as someone doing a good job. That feeling gives me momentum to plow forward and accomplish even greater things.

What has changed for your business since we spoke after the awards last year?

We are still on a projected plan for growth. Currently we’re converting our entire system to integrate with an e-commerce platform, based on demand from customers who live out of town. We’re expanding our core essential product inventory and are feeling really good about our direction. We have exciting things in the works for 2019.

Why do you think your business stands out against the competition?

There aren’t many shops out there that cater to the size range of women we are able to fit. I’m happy to be able to offer bra-fitting services to those who have never found a bra that works. Our company culture is extremely positive and welcoming, and we celebrate each customer that walks into our door. By providing such an upbeat experience for people, we ensure they remember how great we are compared to other places they’ve shopped. We aim to make the customer experience easy and fun … and as we know, many of us dread bra shopping.

Where do you see your business five years from now?

The plan is to have a fully functioning online shop that reaches national and international customers as well as our flagship shop in Old Town Lansing. My ultimate dream is a private label brand that I’ll have a hand in designing. It will fulfill a lot of customer demands that just aren’t offered on the market right now, plus it will add a fun challenge to my current abilities.

Did you have an “aha” moment as an entrepreneur?

The best moment I can think of was when the idea of the business was introduced to me as a random suggestion from a friend. It simply “clicked” as the perfect thing for the Greater Lansing area. We all need great fitting bras and lingerie. Since opening, there really hasn’t been any major moments – I track my data and run analytics, speak with customers and employees, and make decisions based on everything as a whole.

What advice would you like to leave up-and-coming entrepreneurs with?

Use your resources. There are a lot of – sometimes free – resources in the Lansing area that you can tap into. That includes the community you’d like to be a part of and open your business in. Reach out, talk to people, ask advice. A successful business is rarely driven by one person alone. If you have people around you that want you to succeed, you will.


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