Tips for Holiday Hires

From retail to hospitality and beyond, holiday hiring has become a common practice to meet demand for the holiday season. More than 800 seasonal jobs are added each year during the holiday season in the greater Lansing region and demand for seasonal workers has started to increase.

 Whether you need to hire one to two seasonal workers or more than 50, keep these tips in mind for temporary worker hiring:

Start your search early. Post seasonal positions early and begin the recruitment process at least two months in advance of when you’ll need them. This not only gives you ample time to meet your hiring needs, but it further benefits your business because you’ll be able to reach more qualified candidates before other employers.
Be selective. Hiring around the holidays can be stressful and overwhelming and can lead to managers just hiring people without much concern over quality. It’s more important to be selective and hire the right person to fill each position.
Hire a winning personality. If your openings have anything to do with customer service, pay close attention to the candidate’s personality in the interview. Their strong application and work experience won’t matter if their personality is unable to remain cool, calm and collected while working with customers throughout the holiday season.
Tap the college student market. College students make for great hires for retail and sales positions, but research their breaks to best align your recruitment process with their availability. College students may even have a more flexible schedule when they’re on break.

Consider retirees. As the baby boomer generation continues to reach retirement, the pool for experienced workers grows, creating a great group for businesses to hire from. Retirees bring valuable work and life experience that can translate well into many positions. They also prefer flexible scheduling that allows them to enjoy retirement and earn extra cash.

Plan for the future. Temporary workers are a great pool to pull from when looking to hire full-time employees. If there are individuals going above and beyond, consider them for permanent employments. This will save the business time and resources by cutting back on the external recruitment process.
Hire workers who are a strong cultural fit. Temporary workers should match the brand of their employer, especially during the holiday season. While the candidates you hire may be temporary, they still need to represent the business and should be held to the same standards as permanent employees.

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