Five Tips on Creating Sucess When Working with a Recruiter

The recruiter has a demanding position.  He or she is responsible for pairing candidates with employers who greatly need the candidate’s skills and talents.  A recruiter does their homework to learn the duties, requirements and responsibilities of the position to be filled as well as the qualifications of the individual needed for the job.

To be successful in the long run, the recruiter needs to build healthy relationships with you – as well as other candidates – and with the employers who pay for the recruiter’s services.  These relationships are fostered by open and honest, two-way communication.

With that in mind, remember these five key guidelines whenever you work with a recruiter:

•    Think of your recruiter as your new manager.  While the recruiter is not your boss, creating a strong impression is essential because it allows the recruiter to know exactly who they are presenting to their client network.  Always dress professionally and treat the recruiter with respect and appreciation for the work they perform on your behalf.

•    Build your relationship on trust and good communication.  Be honest about your qualifications, experience, goals and ambitions. Holding back or embellishing information will only hurt you in the end. If you want to limit your commute, or are looking for a flexible work schedule or other benefits, letting the recruiter know upfront will save you and your recruiter time and effort; it will do you no good to interview for a position for which you are not qualified. In fact, such a move could jeopardize the recruiter’s relationship with an employer, and in turn, your relationship with the recruiter.

•    Continually follow up with your recruiter on their, and your, progress.  This is especially true if you are also searching for jobs on your own. If you are interviewing other places, or receive a job offer through your own search, be sure to keep your recruiter in the loop. The recruiter can use this information as leverage on your behalf because it shows potential employers that you are a valuable and highly attractive candidate in today’s market.

•    Cooperation is critical.  Work together and agree on what you and the recruiter are doing next.  If the recruiter asks you to rewrite your resume, polish interviewing skills or hold off on searching for jobs on your own, follow their advice. If you have questions, ask for an explanation before acting against their advice. As a team, you and your recruiter want the same result–placing you in the job of your dreams.

•    Consider the glass half-full.  Always remain optimistic and positive. Make sure any grief, misery and bad job search experiences are in the past. Being pessimistic about the process will cause your recruiter to lose their energy and reduce the desire to sell you to clients. Instead, show the recruiter that you have moved on and are ready to do whatever it takes to help them find the right job for you. Attitude is contagious.  Is yours worth catching?

Working with a recruiter can be a valuable, rewarding experience.  If you work to make the recruiter successful, the recruiter can make you a success. The bottom line for effectively working with a recruiter to achieve the outcomes you want in your career, is the same in your current position or in your search for a new one, you have to work effectively with people. When you create effective working relationships, you open doors for everyone to achieve success in the world of work. What do you do? 

Debra Clem is the executive vice president for Manpower, Incorporated of Lansing, Michigan.








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