Take Note: GM is Back

With that I asked them if they could tell me what region in the United States has two new General Motors plants build within the last five years.  They all answered they know that Lansing has one but could not tell me who would ever have two new plants.

I asked them if they have heard of the new General Motors investment in Delta Township to the tune of $1.5 billion for the new plant.  They said no they have never heard of it and why hasn’t anyone written about it.  That’s when I lost. My first thought is if they could read, do read, or just are listening to all the negative news available in the area.

I decided to tell them the facts of life and hope they would remember and maybe, just maybe tell other people who do not seem to know that General Motors is about to start production of three new cross over vehicles under the brands of Saturn, GMC and Buick.

Along with the manufacturing facility they also constructed a state of the art stamping facility that has been making stampings for two years now.

Along with this, the Delta Township plant has attracted three tier one suppliers that are located within a mile of the new plant. Plus there are other suppliers in Delta Township and other locations within this region.

By March 2007 it is estimated that the employment in Delta Township alone will be in the area of 5800 people, people that a year ago were not there. Many of these jobs are not new, but they are about 1000 more than predicted when early estimates were made.

The GM jobs that were on temporary layoffs or in the job bank are now back to work.  The laid off workers from the Craft Center will be working in the new plant.  Along with this Delphi workers and other GM workers that were laid off because of plant closings around the United States are coming in to this area to fill vacant positions. My sources at the UAW say they are helping move in to the area every weekend.

With all these jobs being created or called back people are moving into the area.  My sources tell me that moving companies have their storage area full of household goods from the move in people.  It is my understanding that a great share of these moving in people are renting, waiting to get settled, look over the area, and eventually buy a home.  This should be great for the real estate market in the months to come, along with the home building business.

If one pays attention and dig out the good news, and sometimes you really have to read the small stories in the back pages, there are other great things going on in the region as far as employment.  Just look at Spartan Motors in Charlotte. Business is great for them and they just picked a fine military contract.  There are others in the area that are having the same success, both in manufacturing and high tech.  Just read and listen.

For those who do not know, GM is back in the region with two new manufacturing state of the art plants, Cadillac, Saturn, GMC and Buick. GM is back with a three shift capacity to build 50 cars an hour for both plants, which is only 10 cars per hour less than it was before.  But the extra on this is now the suppliers are right here in town creating jobs.  Before many of the suppliers were out of the area or out of state.

For a good attitude changing drive, start down town and see the Lansing Grand River Plant making Cadillac’s, then drive out Mt. Hope highway to Delta Township. Mt. Hope to Canal Rd, turn left on Canal and you will see all of the new suppliers, which includes Ryder in the old refurbished engine plant.  Continue south on canal to Davis How at the light and turn right. Drive west to the over pass and you will see on your right the new Delta Township GM plant.  As you continue west to the light, look left and you can see the new rail terminal being built for the shipment of the new product.

Once you do this tell your friends what you have seen.  Hopefully you then understand that the Lansing Region is on the move and will only get stronger.  And just think, when someone asked you what region in the United States has two new GM plants you will know, it is right here.

Joe Drolett, Supervisor

Supervisor of Delta Township for 30 years

Owner of Carpet Man and Drolett Travel

Life long resident of  Lansing and Delta Twp

MSU Graduate








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