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Prior to 2006, DA Rainsberger had been in the tax and accounting services business. In the late 1980s, it branched off into technology services. Since 1969, CBI, Inc. had been selling and servicing printers and copy machines.

Although DA Rainsberger purchased CBI, Inc. in 2006, March 1, 2010 marked the official rebranding of the companies to Center for Business Innovation, an event that included the blending together of both companies’ employees and product set rebranding.

Doug Horne, technology director, briefly describes each of the company’s four core disciplines:

Horne says that the company’s print managed services have really taken off and that the first step to managing a company’s printing needs is an audit. What CBI generally finds is that companies aren’t tracking spending on their printers and copy machines, and, with proper management, clients can save an average of 35-40 percent. CBI’s “pay as you go” model relieves customers of maintenance and replacement headaches, while helping them track their printing and duplication usage down to the page instead of the ream.

In offering desktop and service support for medium and small organizations, Horne says that customers are ecstatic about a new plan that does away with hourly rates and moves them to a set monthly fee. No longer worried that they’ll get nickled and dimed to death, customers contact CBI before small problems snowball.

CBI has been involved in cloud computing about 14 years, and is currently partnered with IBM global hosting services. Horne believes that this facet of the business will continue to grow as companies grow comfortable with storing applications and information off site.

The professional services CBI offers include customers contracting CBI to build out data centers. The definition of a successful center? According to Horne, it “has to work all the time and be really fast all the time.”

Although CBI is not a training center, Horne says, “We’re very big on educational processes within our existing customer base [which numbers over 3,000 statewide].” CBI creates programs to show customers how to use the latest technology and alerts them to the current trends.

CBI, which is headquartered on Waverly Road, has six locations: Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo and Saginaw. Their office can be reached at 800-968-6482 or on the Web at

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