IT Firms Focus on Recruiting

Local IT companies, such as the ones highlighted in this issue, have proved to be steady and successful businesses within the community. They are promising companies with a vast array of growth potential. So why are they facing such a challenge when it comes to attracting recruits?

A recent poll developed by Robert Half Technology unveiled that it currently takes IT companies an average of two months to fill a staff-level position. The reason: There are simply not enough qualified recruits for the massive amount of IT-related jobs being developed.

Following the wake of the bubble burst, local universities witnessed a drastic decline in the number of students enrolled in IT-related studies. As the amount of qualified talent decreased, IT job possibilities have skyrocketed.

“You don’t see a decrease in technology jobs; in fact, there is a huge increase,” Larry Harb, president and CEO of IT Risk Managers, Inc., said. “Its not just technology companies looking for these people, it’s every company, every industry.”

Local IT firms are not the only ones experiencing this challenge. Companies across the country are searching for recruits with the desired IT education and experience. The result is the entire nation is forced to fish out of a small talent pool. However, with the help of added benefits or incentives, local ITs could find themselves a top pick among the country’s recruits. Lansing’s low cost of living, affordable housing and sense of community could be the area’s secret to attracting companies and recruits alike.

“It’s sort of the chicken or the egg right now,” Harb said. “If we can, as an economic development movement, bring more technology companies to the area, we will take and grow more technology jobs. The more success we have, the easier it will be to attract.”

Author: Joanne Tyes Briseño



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