They Served You, Now You Can Help Serve Them

There are plenty of benefits available to employers who hire veterans. 

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs offers a Special Employer Incentives program that can save business owners money by providing reimbursement of a portion of a veteran’s salary as well as coverage for certain supplies and equipment. There are also tax incentives available to employers who hire veterans.

However, the biggest benefit a business might receive by hiring a veteran is what it gets in an employee. Pure Michigan Talent Connect notes that veterans bring unique mind and skills sets to an organization, and it lists a variety of positive qualities a veteran can bring to an organization.

  • Leadership: The military trains people to accept and discharge responsibility for activities, resources and one’s own behavior. 
  • Teamwork: Veterans understand how teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues and how diverse groups can work together to achieve objectives.
  • Diversity: Veterans come from and have worked alongside every walk of life.
  • Core values: Core military values revolve around accountability, commitment, integrity and service before self.
  • Self-direction: Military members are trained to understand and solve difficult and complex issues.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and handle stress: One definite characteristic of military service is that servicemembers must perform.
  • Time management: Military members know how to accomplish tasks on time and to multitask. 
  • Specialized advanced training: All military members receive advanced training in their fields. 
  • Safety standards: Veterans understand the importance of health and safety standards that help in the protection of people and property.
  • Planning and organization: Military operations require thorough planning and workload management where organization, evaluation and adjustment are continuously assessed.
  • Ability to conform to rules and structure: Individuals in the service have learned and followed rules every day in their working environment. 
  • Respect for procedures: Veterans understand how policies and procedures yield stability, safety and productivity. 
  • Rapid learning skills: Veterans have the proven ability to quickly learn new skills and concepts.
  • Technology knowledge: Today’s military relies on some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world. 

Businesses that make a practice of hiring veterans can also be certified as a veteran-friendly employer by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. Job opportunities by certified veteran-friendly employers are posted on the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website alongside a flag icon to let veterans know that business values them.



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