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A website maintained by the United States Department of Labor, the site contains links to such topics as e-laws—employment law advisers, labor relations, leave benefits, disability resources, regulations, small business resources, termination, training, veterans’ employment rights, wages and work hours, workplace safety and health and provides employers with an employment law guide, information regarding the display of required employee rights posters, as well as a first-step adviser for small businesses.


Official website of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it provides links to information regarding prohibited discriminatory employment practices relating to an applicant’s or employee’s age, disability, equal pay, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, race/color, religion, retaliation, sex and harassment. It also provides helpful information regarding the processing of charges of discrimination, remedies, employer recordkeeping and training.


A site devoted to information and technical assistance regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act, it provides links to employment issues, as well as an ADA guide for small businesses.

A number of websites also address employment-related issues arising under Michigan labor and employment laws. For example, is the website for Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency. It provides links for employers to obtain the UIA Employer Services Brochure, the UIA New Employer Package containing forms and publications useful to new employers, a schedule of 2012 employer seminars, the Michigan Employer Advisor Newsletter, and the Office of Employer Ombudsman.


An official government website which provides information regarding wage and hour issues, overtime, minimum wage, and health and safety laws and regulations, such as MIOSHA. Similar information is also available through, which provides an overtime FAQ, information regarding exemptions, and a Michigan overtime calculator for employers.


The official website for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website, it provides helpful information to employers regarding their obligations under the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act and the Michigan Persons With Disabilities Act. Its publications link provides information on pregnancy in the workplace, hiring applicants with criminal records, the complaint investigation process, unlawful sexual harassment, suggestions for preparing nondiscriminatory advertisements, a pre-employment inquiry guide, common questions and answers, various employee rights posters. The site also includes complete copies of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act and the Michigan Persons With Disabilities Civil Rights Act.

Additional websites worth bookmarking are, which is a website primarily for Michigan nonprofit organizations. It has links to federal and state employment laws, as well as other helpful employment information. Likewise, is the official website of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. The website provides a wealth of information for a growing business, small business resources, information for entrepreneurs and innovators, required workplace posters and the like.

Lastly, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce through also provides links to publications, salary and benefit surveys, a labor law hotline, and discounted employment background screening services for employers seeking to add to their workforce.

While the foregoing websites do provide a wealth of labor and employment law information for employers in navigating the day-to-day waters of personnel issues, they are no substitute for specific legal advice that can be obtained from the employer’s own labor and employment law counsel.  Many websites contain express disclaimers that they are not intended to provide legal advice. They should not be relied on as the sole source of information on a particular legal topic.

Karen Bush-Schneider is a shareholder with White, Schneider, Young & Chiodini, PC, a law firm specializing in employment and benefits law.








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