The MBA Instruction Manual: An Inside Look


People who most frequently pose this question are those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are contemplating their graduate education options. Key areas of concern for this demographic group include whether or not the program is offered locally or online. Is it manageable with a 40+ hour work week and family obligations? And above all, will it provide a solid return on their investment? This article provides brief and helpful tips regarding the most diverse graduate degree available—the MBA.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides individuals with an array of useful skills that extend well beyond the realm of the business community.  Reputable MBA degrees supply students with the tools and skill to lead, adapt, drive change and ultimately prosper in these challenging economic times.

Quality MBA programs are those in which academic offerings partner with opportunities for students to apply what they have learned. Advanced business theory coupled with practical application present graduates with the tools needed for success in organizations large or small, private or not-for-profit.

All MBAs are not created equally. When considering a graduate business degree, students should look for a curriculum which provides an interactive learning environment that not only offers an advanced skill set but also cultivates discussion and networking opportunities.

The MBA is the most diverse graduate degree available today, and although a number of educational institutions provide concentrations such as finance, marketing and others, perhaps the most value is taken from enhanced abilities to think critically and solve problems. These skills are useful in every facet of work and personal life. Specialized programs come and go; however, individuals who can identify problems and provide logical solutions are those who remain employed, and in many instances, earn a much-deserved promotion.

Statistics reveal that education truly does pay. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, students with a graduate degree earn over 25 percent more than their counterparts with only a four-year degree. Furthermore, only 9.4 percent of the population has a master’s degree or higher, which serves to separate the competition existing in the job market.

Aspiring leaders who read publications such as The Greater Lansing Business Monthly understand the need for continuous improvement and the fine-tuning of skills to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Whether you own a business or are employed by another, the fact remains: The right MBA program will challenge you and provide the opportunity to unleash your true talents, learn from faculty and peers and have a transformational learning experience. Regardless of your occupation or undergraduate degree, an MBA can enhance your leadership and management skills, your earning potential, and provide the much-needed insight to assist in solving the key issues we as Michiganders face. 


Matthew Bennett is marketing director at Northwood University.








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