Helping Employees Stay Healthy is Good Business

As a division of Sparrow, the MAC is uniquely positioned to offer medically based health and fitness programs. We understand that each person who comes to us brings very different health and fitness challenges, goals and motivation—and we offer a variety of programs, facilities and personnel to help ensure each individual’s success.

The MAC’s Corporate Weight Loss Challenge is one such program. Participants find that while they’re losing weight and improving key health indicators, they’re gaining a camaraderie with their colleagues that follows them back to the workplace. They also report a positive shift in the culture at work: greater awareness of health and fitness; more support for healthier eating and behaviors; and more peer encouragement.

Another popular option for encouraging employee health comes in the form of the MAC’s corporate leagues, including basketball, racquetball, volleyball and squash. League play is fun, improves employee fitness and builds a sense of team work that lasts long after a match is over.

Behavioral scientists have shown that one-on-one coaching is among the most effective approaches to helping people make and sustain improvement. The MAC offers this kind of support as well, with access to both individual personal training and wellness coaching. What’s the difference? Personal training focuses on training the body, through workouts designed to meet specific individual goals. At the MAC, Jermaine Alexander and his staff of degreed and certified personal trainers are experienced and skilled in helping individuals of any ability—from “I’ve never exercised in my life” to competitive athletes–achieve their personal fitness goals.

Wellness coaching, on the other hand, is a different—yet compatible—discipline. MAC wellness coach Carolyn Raymond defines it as training the mind for healthier habits. Carolyn helps clients develop and implement personal wellness goals, including stress reduction, weight management, increased energy and fitness, positive behavioral change and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Why are these health and fitness programs so important?

While we now control many diseases that were once leading causes of death in the United States, our population suffers from a whole new set of diseases, ones in large part created by lifestyle.

Under the current U.S. healthcare system, the cost for treating lifestyle-related diseases falls largely to employers.

Solutions to these leading causes of sickness and premature death rest with personal choices and practices we support as family members, neighbors, employers and fellow citizens. The MAC is here to use all of the tools within the Sparrow family to make sure individuals and employers make the right choices.

Just as each individual has unique health and fitness needs, so does every organization. At the MAC, we’re well experienced in tailoring programs to specific needs. We can work with you to develop an employee wellness program that supports a healthier, happier and more productive workforce—and helps you manage your costs.

Sabarras George is executive director of the Michigan Athletic Club.








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