Lansing is New Home for Osteopathic National Center for Orthopedic Research

However, under the radar screen, two other nationally acclaimed medical programs, the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine and the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, are steadily moving to the forefront of their professions as centers for clinical research and medical innovation. Most recently, the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine and its orthopedic residency teaching partner, Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital, have made significant progress in creating a research center to support an orthopedic center of excellence.

This summer, Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital was designated the Osteopathic National Center for Orthopedic Research (ONCOR) by the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (AOAO). ONCOR will reach out to the entire osteopathic profession that includes 23 medical colleges and 29 orthopedic residency programs in the United States.

Under the agreement, Ingham’s Research Advisory Committee, including MSU academic faculty and private clinical faculty, will serve as a national panel to the AOAO to review all phases of research projects conducted by orthopedic residents nationwide.

This September, development of the orthopedic research center is complete with the addition of two key elements. First, a renowned kinesiology and biomechanics researcher has been recruited and will be appointed as the Ingham orthopedic distinguished professor for research. This position has also been awarded the Patenge Endowed Chair position, which is sponsored by MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. Also in September, the 9,000-square-foot research laboratories for ONCOR will open, providing the orthopedic research infrastructure and resources on site at Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital for residents and scientists.

The unique model for ONCOR, using a private orthopedic hospital with the support of a major university medical program, is anticipated to strengthen MSU’s orthopedic research department and ultimately foster more interrelated medical business in the region. Some of these medical companies include orthopedic implant manufacturers, prosthetic and orthotic manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, and bioresearch and biomedical companies.

One attraction for researchers is the opportunity to conduct clinically based orthopedic research instead of research conducted in traditional university laboratory settings. Another draw is the reputation of Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital as an innovator in orthopedic technology, dating back to 1980, when Dr. Lanny Johnson introduced arthroscopic surgery to the world as a treatment option for knee injuries. As Michigan’s largest hospital devoted to orthopedic bone and joint disorders, Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital has long been known for its highly specialized orthopedic clinical support staff and for attracting the best DOs and MDs in the orthopedic profession.

This forward-thinking medical staff is continually seeking better ways to enhance the orthopedic profession. To them, ONCOR can’t begin soon enough. Because of the changing patient population and the increased need for knee and hip replacements in the coming years, ONCOR will be on the leading edge for setting new standards for orthopedic surgery.

Not all of ONCOR’s studies will focus on degenerative conditions largely resulting from an aging population.

Sports medicine is a growing area of orthopedic excellence for which MSU is known nationally among coaches and athletes, from the Big Ten to the NFL. With ONCOR, researchers will have new clinical opportunities to explore new surfacing for ligament injuries, bioengineering, and more efficient ways to heal and rehabilitate athletes through the hospital’s orthopedic rehabilitation center. Another possibility that a community hospital like Ingham offers to orthopedic researchers is the opportunity to follow up with local athletes to monitor how injuries progress over a period of years to better determine interventions.

Today’s orthopedic treatments for bone and joint disorders resulting from degenerative disease, sports injury and trauma are very good, but just a glimpse of what’s ahead when ONCOR sets new standards for the practice of orthopedic surgery. ONCOR will spotlight Lansing as the nation’s center for innovative orthopedic research surgeries, new implants, biomaterials and new age pharmaceuticals. Score one for mid-Michigan!

Patrick Salow is the Ingham Regional Orthopedic Hospital administrator.








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