20 Reasons to Have an Entertainment Attorney in Lansing

Many people need the skills of an entertainment attorney without necessarily realizing it. The list is bigger than you might think. An entertainment attorney has specialized industry knowledge and a wide array of industry contacts that can multiply
your efforts.

Michigan’s rebounding economy has sparked a resurgence in the state’s entertainment business. Many companies and artists have obvious and not so obvious needs where an entertainment lawyer adds value and understanding. Here’s a list of some fairly common situations where consulting with an entertainment lawyer instead of your general counsel may be advantageous to you:

  1. You are giving up valuable intellectual property, such as a copyright in a book or a trademark, in exchange for money or a valuable right.
  2. You have created some type of creative work and you wish to monetize that work in some way.
  3. You are responsible to hire an individual or company to create some type of work or content for your business.
  4. You need to attract investors for a feature film, television show, music or other endeavor.
  5. You need an attorney that understands the details of film, television, music, book publishing, or marketing.
  6. You are involved in a creative endeavor, and you wish to perform such creative work on a professional basis.
  7. You have disposable cash, and you are contemplating investing in a creative project, whether it is a film, band, or other similar endeavor.
  8. You currently own multiple intangible assets, such as copyrights and trademarks, and you wish to hold those assets in the most tax-advantaged manner.
  9. You are writing a book, or any other piece of literary nonfiction or fiction, and you wish to do so in a manner that does not violate the rights of other people or expose you to risks of defamation or violation of someone’s privacy rights.
  10. You wish to use your identity as a source of income for yourself or your business.
  11. You have created, or are in the process of creating, a valuable brand.
  12. You run a traditional business, and you wish to play movies, music, or some other type of audiovisual work in your waiting room or in your business.
  13. You are an artist and are considering entering into a contract with a recording studio.
  14. You are a filmmaker and wish to profit from your film endeavors.
  15. You have written a song, and a company or person wishes to sing, play, or record your song.
  16. You are a part of a church, and you want to develop a music program with artists.
  17. You are attempting to negotiate any rights associated with intellectual property, including publication or distribution rights for a book or film.
  18. You are starting a business that has a significant web component.
  19. You are personally endorsing products or services.
  20. You need to meet professionals who have specialized knowledge about your particular entertainment industry, whether it is film, television, music, video, audio, books, art, or publishing.

The good news is you don’t have to go to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, The State Bar of Michigan has an active Arts, Communications, Entertainment & Sports section filled with skilled and talented attorneys in this area.

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