New Year, New Plans

“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business.”
-Mark Sanborn

While it may be human nature to wait and see, taking too much time to make a decision can be the difference among increasing success, hovering in the same place or complete failure. No one has a crystal ball and there is speculation regarding many topics on potential change affecting businesses in the New Year from policy to economics and world news.

The end of the year saw some changes in the business landscape of the Lansing area including the closing of Tony Sacco’s, Max and Erma’s and Beer Grotto. Watching the closing of business ventures is jolting and can make those witnessing it feel a sense of nervousness. It’s important to understand that while some businesses succumb to the pressure, there is still a tremendous amount of growth in this region.

As a current resident on Michigan Avenue, I have had the privilege of watching some of the growth that Sparrow Health System has enjoyed. The Herbert-Herman Cancer Center has been built just across from the hospital, Gillespie Company is working to update multiple buildings on the corridor and there is the huge SkyVue building that is anchoring the south end of Frandor.

There are also many other development projects planned for 2017. Developers like Gillespie Group, Eyde Company and Forsberg understand that if you’re standing still, you’re probably falling behind. This is the reason they are constantly anticipating the needs of the customer and changing their position based on factors they identified through experience.

At this time of year, businesses are immersed in setting goals and writing strategic plans. To ensure that you’re staying nimble, be sure to review plans monthly to make sure you’re changing directions as quickly as possible. It’s obviously much easier for smaller organizations to weave and bob with the flow of change in the air, but ultimately all businesses need to assess plans as quickly as possible.

Keep tabs on a few select areas including:

  • • News from associations including Small Business Association of Michigan, the Michigan Chamber, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and Lansing Economic Area Partnership
  • Development projects throughout the region
  • Manufacturing and retail optimism or pessimism
  • General news from local to international

The Lansing region is set to have a solid 2017 if current trends are the indication. However, keep up on your information so you can make business decisions faster than the market.

Have a dynamic New Year!


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