Michigan Brews Success

As it turns out, variety in the craft brewing industry has made a major economic contribution in Michigan. As a businessperson, I’ve always understood that people like choices. And if someone doesn’t feel like they have enough options, they will create them. That’s what has happened; the boom of the microbrew industry has allowed a whole new generation to take market share from big beer companies.

In 2014, the breakdown in Michigan according to data collected by the Brewers Association (brewersassociation.com) indicates:

Jobs = 7,137

Wages = $232,400,000 (direct, indirect and induced)

Economic Impact = $608,900,000

  • Direct impact includes craft brewers, craft beer wholesalers and retailers that sell Michigan craft beer in Michigan, plus the value to Michigan brewers of beer sold outside the state.
  • Indirect impact includes suppliers such as malted barley, hops, glass, marketing firms, brewing equipment, etc.
  • Induced impact includes the effect of industry workers as they use their wages to purchase additional goods and services.

Most of the individuals I’ve run into that brew beer or have started their own bar featuring craft beer do it for the passion and love of beer. It simply goes back to the idea that people want to make a living doing something they love. The industry is much more saturated these days, and it might be tougher to get as large as a company like Short’s, but there is a way to make a living at it.

If you want to connect with a lot of other people making a living doing what they love, I encourage you to attend the last Connections & Coffee of the year on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 8 a.m. at the University Club. Hear business leaders in the community talk about the ins and outs of this year and what’s new in their industries. It’s also a great month to take some time to visit local establishments in the beer brewing businesses. There are quite a few from Williamston to Mason to Lansing and beyond. Take your pick and try a pint of the more creative craft beers.


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