Celebrating Entrepreneurship

In March, we celebrated the role of entrepreneurs in our society through the Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards. I look forward to that evening every year, because I appreciate the impact these hardworking individuals and companies play in our communities’ economic makeup.

My team knows that this issue is important to me. We created a section dedicated to the success of our award winners and put together some information specific to that entrepreneurial spirit. I want to congratulate the winners who have worked hard to get where they are and have gathered a team who supports the entrepreneur and his vision of the company. Part of the juggling act each one has to do centers around having that support system.

Getting a solid team is an ongoing battle; the top five issues for small businesses according to Entrepreneur.com include hiring employees.

In fact, the article states that 56 percent of businesses list hiring as the biggest challenge. I would add that retaining that group for more than a couple of years is also difficult. Finding and competing for top talent in the younger demographic can be tough, especially if the options are confined to a small geographic area or if you’re asking employees to stay or relocate to a community that isn’t Chicago and New York.

My hope is that organizations and individuals in our community realize the important role entrepreneurs play in our economy. More and more, top talent from our colleges and universities are opting to start their own business, or individuals are splintering off from companies they have worked in and creating a new organization. This takes courage and passion, and typically these risk-taking people have a ton of confidence. That doesn’t mean that they do not need help every now and then and recognition of their accomplishments. I believe acknowledging their commitment and drive gives those individuals a shot in the arm to do more for their companies, their teams and our community.

Again, I want to send congratulations out to all of the nominees and the award winners. And, I want to thank the amazing judges panel. If you want to support or connect with the business community, I hope to see you at the GLBM Connections and Coffee networking event on May 5 at 8 a.m. at the UClub. Contact Virginia@m3group.biz to RSVP.

Make things happen this spring,

Tiffany Dowling | Publisher

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