July 2012 – Economic Drivers

So, who doesn’t love a celebration? Who doesn’t love a festival? It’s a good time for people to get together; it’s networking, it’s many time around food, sometimes libations. Of the many reasons to celebrate in this area, you’ll catch a glimpse of a few in this issue. When you read the interview with Sue Bila, executive director of the Michigan Festivals and Events Association, I think you’ll get a real taste of some of the great things we do here in the mid-Michigan area.

Particularly, I want to call your attention to the cover, the talented folks at LEPFA who make the Common Ground festival actually happen. The festival has been such a boon for Downtown Lansing and leads the way for the revitalization of our commercial district. The festival, like all others, brings people together to have fun, listen to excellent music and to celebrate life in general.

The big point we want to get across is the economic driver behind arts, music and cultural festivals, what they do for communities, as far as bringing people to the community to spend money to revitalize or patronize our local restaurants, hotels and other entertainment spots. The hospitality industry really takes front page when Common Ground and other festivals are taking place. We thank their organizers, we applaud their success, and we appreciate their being part of this community. In attending and supporting local festivals, we all share in the fun and economic welfare they bring.

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Have a prosperous month,

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Chris Holman




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