January 2011 – Green Expertise

As I sit here in the winter looking out, what’s the one thing that jumps out? It’s the heating season. What makes it so costly? Why can’t it be less? Why can’t we build buildings that are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer? Energy sources, well, they’re finite; fossil fuels will run out someday—and what do we do then?

All questions lead us back to sustainability, back to the theme of this month’s issue. The beauty is, as you look around and you start thinking about the realm of possibilities and the challenges ahead, one realizes we have made great progress in pursuit of green. We’ve found solutions to environmental problems and we’re in the process of refining those solutions, and moving even farther down the road to more sophisticated solutions to yet new challenges.

It is tremendous in mid-Michigan that we have as much expertise as we’re able to highlight in this issue, making apologies to the many companies out there that we didn’t have enough pages to cover. Do let us know who you are so that we may include you next time we visit this topic.

Keep in mind looking at the cover, and our good friend Jim Lammers from the Dart Foundation, about the attention being paid to the green movement. When you look inside, at what local companies are doing to create a green environment, it’s clear that in mid-Michigan, we are in pursuit of green. Believe me, we are in good stead in this pursuit, among these geographic leaders—companies like DBI and those with LEED Certified buildings, like Peckham and The Christman Company.

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Lastly, at this time of year, I hope you’ve come through a good holiday. Our staff wish you a prosperous new year and offer our sincere thanks for continuing to read The Greater Lansing Business Monthly.

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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