March 2007 – LCC Celebrates 50 Years

Though this magazine takes no position with regard to the difficulties that have arisen in the past several years pertaining to the college’s board, administration and faculty, at the same time we do stand very firm on the fact that LCC is a strong and viable community partner in Greater Lansing. Our area benefits in innumerable ways from LCC’s presence. For example, the institution attracts employees, students and visitors who patronize our local businesses, not only in Downtown Lansing, but also now in the extended areas of LCC’s West Campus and East Campus locations. LCC has responded to area students’ needs by building and enhancing their educational offerings, along with building and enhancing the actual structures that house their classes and conferences. With these advantages, LCC graduates are extremely well prepared to advance to four-year colleges or to enter our workforce. The continuing programs for those already employed are outstanding. LCC’s creative educational programming responds to market needs; for example, LCC is well known as a leader in the alternative energy area. LCC is celebrating 50 years of innovation, supported by 50 years of its tradition of excellence. Thank you, Lansing Community College—we’re proud to be your neighbor.  

Given this month’s education focus, it is appropriate to note that the magazine is proud to be part of a new community initiative. In the coming months, you will see and hear more about the Keep Learning campaign, a collaborative effort to promote the importance of education and its positive impact on our local economy. To learn more, visit

Best wishes for a very prosperous month!

Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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