January 2005 – Cheers!

Perhaps some of these memories include festive work-related gatherings. Everybody likes to talk about a party, so this issue is particularly pleasing for all of us at the Business Monthly because we see parties as an essential part of business life. It’s a good way for people to network and see each other outside their normal environment of conducting business. This interaction allows us all to know a little more about each other as people. We also thought it might be worthwhile to start out 2005 with a bit of controversy. This is the first time in the history of the magazine that we have featured alcohol on the cover. Therefore, we would like to add a few disclaimers: We in no way condone drinking and driving, we are not saying gatherings can not be complete without alcohol and we certainly don’t condone the consumption of alcohol in excess.
Because the businesses featured this month are often involved in times of celebration, we decided to bring you this closer look at some of those who strive to satisfy not only a thirst for success, but also a thirst for refreshment! And because the Greater Lansing community’s taste for both represents a wide variety of choices, we’ve attempted to cover that variety in our articles. We discovered conscientious, hardworking businesspeople in this area who work to serve the community in the best possible manner. A prime example is the man on our cover, Dan Henry, who gives back to the community in many ways beyond the everyday work of his company.  We found these companies’ histories fascinating, and the regulations they work within an interesting sidelight.
So, welcome to the new year. As we begin 2005, with its challenges and rewards ahead, we are excited about the prospects for the magazine and for continued success in our business community. Best wishes for a prosperous year!
Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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