September 2010 – The News 24/7


The realization came to me that traditional media delivery as we know it is changing and it is changing rapidly. It really hit me when I was teaching at Michigan State University, after telling my students that if they wanted extra credit, they could bring in a business news story.
At the end of the semester I would survey them and ask them where they got their information, and when I asked them to raise their hands, I found that not one got their information from television or radio or the newspaper; it was all via the Internet.
I find it both fascinating and frightening the amount of information available with one simple click. We no longer have to wait until the top of the hour to get television or radio newscasts, they are readily available 24/7.
People today communicate online, period. With that in mind, I felt it was important that I know more about this rapidly changing technology and become more directly involved in the changes—and you should, too.
Now let me kick in my disclosure: The two gentleman on the cover are not only friends of mine for many years, but also partners of mine in an Internet broadcast company, which you will find more about in this issue. The reason I am allowing this issue (this self-promotion!) to take place is that I am committed through money, time and resources to this relatively new form of communication.
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From each of us at The Greater Lansing Business Monthly, we wish you a prosperous month.


Chris Holman
Chris Holman




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